Avoid Being A Racist

Support our national policy of genocide

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tossed [the illiterate, the diseased. Send me your criminals. Send me your terrorists. I shall not vet any of them. I will clothe, shelter, educate, and fund them, much more than I do for my natural born]. I lift my lamp beside the golden door [to our new Democratic voting block].

The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 established a new and radical US immigration policy based on the ethnic cleansing of our basic cultural European roots in favor of admitting only the immigrants from Latin America and Africa. As an immediate and negative result, the average American I.Q. fell by at least four to six points.

Mandatory governmental/public schooling has most assuredly added to the falling intelligence of the average American and the resulting deplorable composition of our elected and appointed government officials.

The failing collective intelligence of America is significant if for no other reason than it means a vastly lower standard of living for ninety-nine percent of our population, while the corrupted financial oligarchs (who control governments) enlarge their economic wealth and state powers to create wars and expand their tyranny.

An ignorant, poorly educated, and propagandized population is easily manipulated and exploited into foreign wars and domestic poverty, with an ever-increasing decline of individual freedoms.

Please note the coincidence of dates: In 1965, we began flooding our country with immigrants, who were illiterate even in their own native languages. Also in 1965, the standard of living in America began falling to the point that our middle class today has all but disappeared, except for government workers, who are an actual drag on our economy.

And yet, we still have a national leadership and media that daily tell us that we are racists if we want to end undocumented aliens from flooding into our nation.

We are accused of being racists if we dare to suggest an examination of the health, background, or sanity of those illegally trespassing our southern border.

In essence, the government/media complex daily tells us, in a variety of ways, that being insightful, rational, and productive is racist.*

*The private New York City Bank Street School for Children is now teaching white children they were born racist.

New York is the propaganda hub for cultural Marxism and a financing center for neo-Bolsheviks and the so-called Social Justice Warrior. It is the ostensible, self-styled Social Justice Warrior who freely exercises their racism with impunity by denigrating Whites with such hate speech as cracker, hillbilly, redneck, inbred, trailer-trash, Nazi, skinhead, goyim, and of course Whitey.

In fact, there are two large, tax-free non-government organizations that control wide segments of the federal government (the Anti-Defamation League, and the Southern Poverty Law Center); they both only spew hatred of Whitey (the White race).

The planned, financed, orchestrated, and promoted dissension and riots in American cities has followed the pattern the State Department and the US/NATO/Israeli undercover agents implemented in the Middle East.

Our national leadership then added oceans of paraffin to the raging fires of war-torn revolutions they had already started in the Middle East by carpet-bombing its largest cities, wounding, killing, and rendering homeless millions of men, women, and children. This is what the US war criminals in our last two presidential administrations have called their Wars on Terrorism.*

*These so-called Islamic terrorist groups are funded and equipped by US/NATO intelligence, and directed largely by Israel’s Mossad.

This clandestine double-dealing is not meant to keep Israel and the West safe from terrorism, or to bring about regime changes. It is meant to keep most of the Middle East, save Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, in a state of constant unpredictability, turmoil, mayhem, and chaos, with extremely high death counts.

Would not the Middle Eastern parents ­ who saw US/NATO bombs burn their children alive ­ want revenge on the people (you, me, and all other Americans and Europeans) responsible for such atrocities? Is it wise to allow such undiluted hatred into our ever impoverished, economically dying nations of the West, totally un-vetted?

Would it not be more prudent, humane, and cheaper in the short and long run to rebuild the power stations, water systems, hospitals, schools, churches, businesses, government buildings, and homes we have utterly destroyed than to lose our own national identities and any hope of prosperity?

Is it kind to have Israeli secret agents herding millions of North African and Middle Eastern immigrants into the West with promises that cannot be met, thus ensuring daily clashes of cultures, religions, and civilizations all over Europe and North America?

Certainly the dark force that controls the governmental minions of Europe and America knows these simple truths. And we would have to be simpletons (foolish and most gullible) not to recognize the fact that we have, without provocation, destroyed most of the Middle East and are now being directed to destroy ourselves with open borders to unlimited millions of invading immigrants ­ or be called racists.

Already, we have no need of bombs to demolish our infrastructure, as it has long been falling into rack and ruin, while thus far the American government has borrowed over four trillion* dollars to destroy the infrastructures of and maintain the chaos in just Afghanistan and Iraq.

*A trillion seconds makes up 32,000 years. Please take a moment, or several, and try to contemplate how much four trillion dollars is, which has been spent in the commission of war crimes against humanity in only Iraq and Afghanistan.

Can anyone imagine what good that four trillion dollars could have done if our government was not run by psychopathic criminals, who are in turn controlled by the super-criminal oligarchs of the foreign Banking and Monetary Cartel?

Every nation, every community, every business, every family, every man, woman, and child require a well-functioning infrastructure in order to survive in any modern society.

The estimated cost needed to bring our aging American infrastructure up to a passable grade is about four trillion dollars ­ ironically that large figure is roughly the same amount we have spent destroying the two foreign infrastructures of Iraq and Afghanistan ­ along with poisoning their homelands with DU (depleting uranium) for 4.5 billion years.

Every four years, the prestigious ASCE (the American Society of Civil Engineers) issues their Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Below, the ASCE depicts the condition of America’s 2013 infrastructure in the familiar form of a school report card.

Energy ­ D+

Transit ­ D

Ports ­ C

Aviation ­ D

Levees ­ D

Dams ­ D

Schools ­ D

Roads ­ D

Inland Waterways ­ D

Wastewater ­ D

Hazardous waste ­ D

Public parks ­ C

Rail ­ C+

Bridges ­ C+

Solid waste ­ B-

Drinking water ­ D

Proof that we do not have a shadow of a democratic federal government, we have had both a Republican and a Democrat administration that has sunk our entire nation deeply in debt, not repairing our nationwide infrastructure, but instead it joined the forces of NATO and Israel to totally destroy the infrastructures of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, and possibly Iran in the near future.

This is insanity; and we go insane to the degree we do not recognize that insanity.

What absurd preposterousness it is for our bogus leaders to say they are bringing democracy to the nations we bomb into rubble.

What a farcical absurdity it is to say we must heavily bomb those Middle Eastern counties because of the weapons of mass destruction they harbor. If they have any such mass destructive weapons, it is because we gave them to them.

And then to say we must destroy the Middle Eastern countries in order to keep ourselves safe, while bringing in millions of displaced refugees into our collective bosom is absolute unmitigated madness.

And while the powers who control the governments of the West are criminally psychotic, they are not stupid or vapid. And since they are eternally energized to do evil, we must throw off our enervated state of mind and not cower before their many accusations of homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and racism.

Name-calling is their chief offensive weapon; and after all, that is pretty lame stuff.

J. Speer-Williams






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