Military Weapons Grade Arms Stash Found Near Mosque In Germany Inside Refrigerated Vegetables

What a surprise this is now eh? When guns are outlawed in Germany only salafists will have guns.
Eine Sammlung AK47-Kalaschnikows (Symbolfoto)
“According to information of the Hessian CDU deputies Ismail tipi gave it a “Top-Secret mission of SEKs in North Rhine-Westphalia about a week ago. In the refrigerator of a vegetable merchant near a mosque guns there were found and seized. “According to my information, what excavated in this usage to arsenal with heavy weapons of was. The danger of arming the violent fundamentalist Salafists in Germany is very large. This makes abundantly clear this secret bet”, so a tipi on Friday in a press release.
The extremism expert suspected that secret arsenals were built also in other German cities. So speak the Hamburg constitutional protection, for example, by an increase of the supporters of the armed Jihad.
Meanwhile, more than 300 identified supporters be this in Hamburg. “The information on this breed. The fear is great that salafistische sleeper, jihadists and terrorists IS in Germany find support by foreign intelligence services, which are not friendlyminded. By the arsenals, the sleeper and militant jihadists on the way to their possible attack can be equipped with weapons. I was afraid always exactly such a thing”, so the ethnic Turkish members of Parliament.
German leaders have made their plans so clear even a child could figure it out. Germans don’t have much time left to figure out what is going on.
german attack

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