Houston Area Shooting by Gun Advocate Mother is a Fake Psyops Hoax

Houston Area Shooting by Gun Advocate Mother is a Fake Psyops Hoax

Does it make sense that a supposed member of the NRA who owns multiple guns would shoot her daughters in the middle of the street in front of their home? Does it also make sense that the father would merely coincidentally be an IT employee at the world’s fourth largest oil and gas firm, Occidental Petroleum?

Moreover, does it make even the slightest sense that this would occur precisely on this man’s, that is this supposed father of the two now ‘dead’ females’, birthday?

The IT mole, Jason Sheats, is faking it; anyone can see this.


The so-called witness is obviously a crisis actor. Who can demonstrate otherwise?



When he speaks about such a ‘serious’ event, he doesn’t even look towards the camera? What respectable TV station would allow such interview-related behavior? What about all the smiles and smirks while he is talking about a killing in the streets? Where is the shock, where is the adrenalin? It’s fake, there can be no other conclusion.

Once again, why look away: and why not be in at least a bit of a degree of shock? Who in their right mind would act such a way in the realm of a real, horrific shooting, where two young women were shot dead, also the mother?

In this regard there were people standing all about the region. Why did no one shoot a cell phone video of the event or even a still picture of the dead bodies in the street?

Then, too, the preamble about “guns” and gun “rights” by the supposed shooter, this also represents proof of the plot:

Sure, she’s legitimate, a real freedom fighter. That’s why she is a member of the arch-psyops-style propaganda element, 911Strong. That alone is proof that she is a scam artist.

Really, she announces to the world on Facebook her total number of guns? Really, she says that Obama wants to confiscate her semi-automatic handguns? No one can find such commentary legitimate, that is other than legitimate proof of a government, arch-Zionist gun hoax.

The fake shooter, Christy Byrd Sheats, is a laser tattoo removal technician. Why in the world would she pack ten semi-automatic handguns? With such a low-paying job, she is a prime candidate to participate in a taxpayer-subsidized hoax, all at the hands of the powerful ones of the world Jewish cabal.

How much was this clique paid for this scam? The temptation was apparently too great to resist. Even so, how difficult is this to fake considering that some 50 deaths were faked in the Orlando shooting scam hoax alone.

This is a gun confiscation/gun control hoax. There can be no other conclusion.



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