Death of Orlando Gay Bar Shooting Victim Akyra Murray is Fake – Proof

Death of Orlando Gay Bar Shooting Victim Akyra Murray is Fake – Proof

Make no mistake about it the supposedly horrific Orlando ‘gay’ Pulse Nightclub shooting has no basis whatsoever. Nor was it a false flag. Nor was it a real event. Rather, it was merely a hoax and contrary to disinformation otherwise this is beyond doubt.  The fact that it is a hoax is categorically proven, here. It was also a type of Islamophobic event, with ISIS being leveraged as the ideological source: one driven by the various Islamic boogeymen, in this case the non-existent shooter, Omar Mateen.

There is great disinformation to maintain some element of this scam and to actually claim that, in fact, some people were killed. This is nonsense. It was a drill, and there is no other possibility.

One such arch-hoax death was that of an individual named Akyra Murray. In fact, to Murray is attributed the following text message, which she purportedly sent to her mother. Who believes such nonsense? By no means does this make sense to any degree.

Supposedly, she was a ‘promising’ basketball star.

She can be seen, here, signing some kind of a contract. This is used as ‘proof’ that she was a vital, high-potential person who would in no way fake her death:

Yet, here is a video of her living conditions, 2015, prior to the hoax shooting. Does it not give an indication of just how the criminal arch-Zionist cabal operates when it creates such scams, how it feeds on people of this status, for its arch-hideous plots?

Her own brother said she lived like a “pig.” Yet, per the DailyFail it is said:

Akyra Murray, 18, was recalled as a gifted athlete, an accomplished student and person with a positive spirit, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

In high school, she was a 1,000-point scorer and ranked third in her class

She was also known as “upstanding.” Then, what was she doing attending a sleazy joint such as the Pulse Nightclub? Moreover, it is curious to see the Philadelphia connection, the area being a hotbed for world Jewish mafia. A number of other Philadelphia-based agents were involved, including Fox News intern, Patience Carter, who happens to have her own production firm. It was she that coordinated the Philadelphia connection.

The ‘memorial/funeral’ was held at the Monumental Baptist Church, Philadelphia. Even so, do her team members seem to be the least distressed at her ‘passing?’ They seem to be filled with glee. This would indicate that the entire team is in on the scam.

The entire world is schizoid, one minute smiling and smirking before the cameras, the next acting is if dying in grief.

Even so, even with such faces of agonizing despair not a single tear is shed.

Arch-crisis actor Tiara Parker has provided hard proof of the degree of this scam. She can be seen, here, along with the mother at a TV set staged to appear as a home:

Natalie Murray is a superior crisis actor of the two, although she never acts shocked or in remorse. Yet, Parker gives the ultimate revelation of the degree of this fake. Watch her on the video as she claims the untenable, which is that the (non-existent) gunman’s gun jammed and they were considering charging him, which she called, “bum-rushing him.” Then, incredibly, she stated, that “By the time the guy at the door got the memo that we were going to do that, he swung the door open to try to do that, the gunmen got his other gun. We didn’t know he had (another one).”
“Got the memo?” This is a physical impossibility. There is no way such a club in the midst of a wild, murderous shooting would “issue a memo” to a doorman or anyone else, surely not about any presumed action that people held in a restroom would spontaneously attempt. Regardless, who would issue such a meno in the face of an actual mass shooting? It is mere story-lines, mere fabrications of Parker’s mind, like those of Sandy Hook hoaxer Robbie Parker: same corruption, different player. This is absolute proof that the claim for an actual death of Murray is a fabrication.
Parker claims she was shot and that she received a gunshot wound in the abdomen, going all the way through to her sacral area. No one can find her claim to be plausible, in other words, she is lying:
There is, by the way, no entrance wound of any kind. Nor is there any type of exit wound. What a low-grade, ultra-amateurish hoax this is, placing merely a large Band-Aid on the skin and calling it a gunshot wound.
Such a wound would be a medical emergency. She would not be giving interviews:
The above is an example of an entrance plus exit wound. No one with such a wound would be bouncing about on a couch for purposes of satisfying the global press. That is the pain would be agonizing; she wouldn’t be moving about the way she is seen in the video without screaming in pain; or she would be drugged up, which would be obviously noticeable.
The drama gets even more bizarre with her next claim, which is the fact that this dying woman was lying on top of her, when she realized that she had simply died.
Parker alone thus proves that this is nothing other than a terminally vile scam.


What a horrific fraud it is, with some $16,000 alone being purged from the gullible, vulnerable goy for what is nothing other than a terminally hideous fake.




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  1. thnidu says:

    Oh, jeez, not just a wacko conspiracy theorist but an antisemite too. I’ll see if I can block this blog from my web searches.


  2. Oh jeez, another blogger with a room temperature I.Q.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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