Concerned Citizen Calls NEWS13 At 2:30 AM In The Morning And Cannot Get Producer Like Mateen-The Return Of Angel Colon

Fact checker cannot get CNN producer on the phone at 2:30 am in the morning.


Fetzer on Orlando false flag.


When things just don’t add up! 🙂 Noor Mateen is missing

Crisis Actor Angel Colon UNBELIEVABLE BULLSHIT STORY – Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax-Dr. Lube Handles Victims-The Bowl Cut Mafia


Unemployed, out of job, check Craigslist


Craigslist: Crisis Actors Wanted In Vermont

Crisis cast


Merk and the boys

This nasty looking psycho can’t have her picture taken without the triangle sign.

Mateen boyfriend has mask and makeup job

Alyra Murray’s cousin

Hundreds of clubbers go missing, disappear. Normally there are 300 clubbers at the pulse, just before closing time they will be in the area congregating in groups. They disappeared on this night, nobody to be found. Where did they go?


As always

Stop smiling you stupid goy, you just lost your bonus



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