Senate rejects four gun control measures-They will need a few more false flag events apparently

The real question is what does Diane Feinstein consider a “reasonable belief” of someone being inclined to terrorism.
She and the legion of asshats she represents have no conception of reasonable. We knew the push would be on after the false flag events in Orlando, Florida.
 fine swine
Stirrings out in the heartland don’t give the impression some are backing Diane

Crisis Actor Angel Colon UNBELIEVABLE BULLSHIT STORY – Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax-Dr. Lube Handles Victims-The Bowl Cut Mafia


The Orlando Florida False Flag Shooting Final Cut


Just over a week after the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the US Senate voted against four gun control amendments, with Democrats and Republicans entrenched in their respective corners.

All four proposals are offered as amendments to a Justice Department spending bill set to hit the Senate floor on Monday.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) sponsored an amendment that would allow the Department of Justice to deny a gun sale to anyone if the agency has a “reasonable belief” that the buyer is likely to engage in terrorism.

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UPDATE: Senator Dianne Feinstein’s amendment to allow the DoJ to deny gun sales based on “reasonable belief” has failed 47-53.

Cornyn’s amendment, which even had the support of the NRA, failed in a vote of 53-to-47.

The motion to require background checks for purchases at gun shows failed in the US Senate on Monday in a 44-56 vote. As a result, the gun show loophole remains open.

Grassley’s amendment failed 53-47.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is offering a competing amendment, which would require that law enforcement be alerted when anyone on the terror watch list attempts to buy a gun from a licensed dealer. If anyone who has been investigated for terrorism within the last five years tries to purchase a firearm, the DoJ would be able to block a sale for up to 72 hours while prosecutors go to court to show probable cause to permanently block the transaction. The National Rifle Association has offered its support for this measure.


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