EU Introduces Death Penalty For Enemies Of The State-You Might Want To Knock Off The Crazy Talk About Leaving The Eu If You Want Your Head

EU to introduce death penalty for political opponents

Death Penalty in Europe: Only for Enemies of the State

Professor Schachtschneider pointed out that it [the European Union reform treaty, a.k.a. the Lisbon Treaty] also reintroduces the death penalty in Europe, which I think is very important, in light of the fact that, especially Italy was trying to abandon the death penalty through the United Nations, forever. And this is not in the treaty, but in a footnote, because with the European Union reform treaty, we accept also the European Union Charter, which says that there is no death penalty, and then it has a footnote, which says, “except in the case of war, riots, upheaval” – then the death penalty is possible. Schachtschneider points to the fact that this is an outrage, because they put it in a footnote of a footnote, and you have to read it, like really like a super-expert to find out!

The devil, as they say, is in the details


After all the state is going to need fresh organs for transplants. Organ stealing, not just for Jihadis and Samarai any more.


Noahide Laws And The Top Of The Pyramid

 Are we hearkening back to the good old days of guillotines, with burning and hanging for heretics?

The Roman Empire is alive and well

The Top Of The Pyramid-The Rothschilds The British Crown And The Vatican Rule The World

Judge Kozinski Thinks The Guillotine Should Be Considered -Beheading Is Not Just For Jihadists Or Samarai Anymore

Never let a good organ go to waste! Somebody could be walking around with Ted Bundy’s heart now days. Well that is assuming he was actually executed.

Welcome My Friends To The Show That Never Ends-McGeorge Bundy’s Brother CIA-Mass Murderer Ted Bundy Possibly His Son-Tsarnaev Uncle Ruslan USAID Heavily CIA Fortified-Tsarnaev Married To Russell Skull And Bones-Ruslan Daughter Married To Graham Fuller CIA-Then The Bundy Circus Rancher In Nevada!

Noahide Laws Passed By Congress: Are You Ready For The Guillotine?


It Is Zombie Time Baby!





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