Five Minutes of Common Sense: The “Revolt” of the US State Department

Russian and foreign media are very actively discussing the so-called “State Department revolt” against Obama’s policy in Syria. An official letter signed by around 50 senior officials of the State Department demanded that the Obama Administration start an open war against Bashar al-Assad and bomb Syrian cities and formations of the Syrian Army. This really is a riot – never before has the administration of an American president been faced with such a situation in which employees of the USA’s foreign ministry so massively and openly oppose the president’s policies. This is a strange situation indeed. Usually, the most bloodthirsty bureaucrats come out of the Pentagon or the CIA, but here it turns out that American diplomats are the ones craving blood, while the US military is for once not too eager to enter into direct military conflict with Russia. What amazing times we live in. 

Apparently, this letter from rebellious diplomats, which nearly all Western media have already managed to disseminate, is linked to the strange statement of John Kerry, who suddenly said that the US would soon run out of patience on the Syria question. This statement appears to be direct threat towards Russia. But then Kerry had to shamefully swallow this statement. Literally the following day, he was forced to explain to reporters that the statement had been completely misinterpreted, and that in fact the head of American diplomacy simply wanted to share with the world his disappointment with the behavior of the Kremlin. In this case, one can pity Mr. Kerry because he still has to travel down the long road of disappointment, as hinted by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In fact, Kerry is most likely disappointed not so much wth the Kremlin’s behavior, but with the behavior of Obama and his inner circle which, instead of beginning to threaten Moscow and scaring its rebellious State Department employees, has given its leadership a backstage hard spanking, after which the public disgrace of taking care of private statements has made Kerry seem not so scary. 

Some interesting conclusions suggest themselves based on this scandalous situation.

First conclusion: Somewhere are the very top of the Obama administration, there are people who really do not want to engage in direct military confrontation with Russia, and in order to avoid this they are willing to sacrifice the reputation of the State Department and even quarrel with the American expert and diplomatic community. This is good.

Second conclusion: There are very few of these rational people who do not want to fight Russia over Syria and, as a whole, the American expert and diplomatic community does not want to or simply cannot understand that bombing Damascus is a very bad idea. This is bad. This means that a significant part of the American political elite has gone insane. Let’s call things by their names – only psychos would opt for such a plan.

Third conclusion: Our president has splendid geopolitical intuition. The military operation in Syria was organized when the demonstration of military force by our country made a lasting impression on the sane part of the American elite. This is good. In fact, this is our main hope. One would like to believe that after the US elections Putin will be able to effectively scare or, to speak more correctly, show the new presidential administration our capabilities and ensure that the new US president will also ignore angry letters from the bloodthirsty employees of the State Department. 

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