The 12th Planet-Chinese Sky Dragon-Greek Winged Globe

The 12th Planet, Chinese Sky Dragon, Greek Winged Globe

Sky dragon on the wall of China’s forbidden city, said to be the home where ancient Gods inhabited the Temple of Heaven and walked among men. They came from the 12th planet known as Nibiru in the Sumerian tablets.   I have read most of Sitchin’s books which I highly recommend. They are not speculation but for the most part translations from actual clay tablets from the Berlin museum. Although Jewish himself, Sitchin has been criticized by the elite probably as the tablets portray Semites as just another tribe in the area. Antu told the fair haired ones to go north into the cold areas. Incidentally this tribe was created last, just as the native Americans say they were. (younger brother.) In fact there is a lot of common sense in those books and I am not surprised the Baghdad Museum was looted.

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The stickling point is in so many discussions you will find people refer to ancient Babylon as the beginning of the masonic era. The Sumerians created this true, but had little in common with today’s masons who only mimmick the lost truths. The lost secrets of freemasonry is sometimes alluded to.  The essence of Sitchin’s translations indicate this planet we keep hearing about Nibiru was called the planet of heaven, (those who came from heaven to earth) and created 12 tribes using in-vitro fertilization with their own genes. It is difficult to know where one is going if they fail to realize where they came from. They provided seeds, science, metal crafts, dams and even the art of beer making. They also had perfect maps of the universe and knew well the earth was not flat as western man still believed a short time ago.

The ruler of this planet was called the lord of the universe, Antu and had 2 sons Enlil and Enki. Enki created the earthlings but Enlil did not like them and lobbied not to tell them of the deluge of Noah, but to allow them to drown as they were bad news for the earth. Enki the scientist who made them showed (I believe it was Utnapishtim) how to build an ark. His name was not Noah. He also collected gene samples of plants and animals for the Ark, not live animals themselves. (Makes more sense.) I really have to laugh sometimes at the myriad stories you see on the net about dragons who put us here to farm and eat us. There is quite a bit of that on the net. Honestly someone will read a piece on this somewhere and accept it as the unvarnished truth end of story. Those of the reptilian brain did not create man. 

It may well be that some reptilian genes were thrown into the mix and somehow it allowed the archons to incarnate here as discussed by John Lash but that is about as much as I can buy.

Now it is true the idea was to have the earthlings mine the gold as the Nefilim were complaining pretty bitterly about the hard work and were talking mutiny. Gold incidentally is mentioned in the Mahabharata as being used as fuel in the flying crafts or space ships. It lends credence to the importance of it. In the Mahabharata it mentions Ninurta as a pilot of one of the ships and also in Sitchin’s translations also he is portrayed as the grand son of the lord of the universe also. So you have two ancient texts talking about the same people.

There is a Sitchin book “Wars between Gods and Men” that gives a definite explanation of why there is no crystal on the Giza. Ninurta and his father went to war with Enki their brothers as supposedly the pyramid was being used as a tool of war directing energy which is what most people believe it was for. Enlil and Ninurta won and removed some of the inner workings of the pyramid declaring mankind will never have to suffer under this again.  There are fairly detailed accounts of UFO warfare directly over the pyramid. Bear in mind ancient scripts concerning RA indicate that he walked around the complex at Giza and gazed upon his flying ships overhead. So yes there is some pretty spectacular reading in the earth chronicles and those clay tablets are on display in the Berlin Museum if any cares to check.

The Mahabharata does indicate that gold was used in their Vimanas or flying ships. There are detailed diagrams of a working UFO in this book.  Scientists who hem and haw about what the pyramids were all about fail to bother taking a look at man’s oldest written explanations of what they are, the Babylonian clay tablets. I have for years tried to get anyone remotely interested in where man came from to read the earth chronicles. After reading a few of them one cannot help come to the conclusion that wow have we been lied too! Especially by religious authorities and historians. Genesis Revisited is an eye opener as well as most of his books.

Excerpts from Sitchin books

Edgar Cayce squares up pretty well with Sitchin and his readings indicate in many parts of the earth man hid underground to stay away from the dinosaurs Crystal links carries quite a bit of the Cayce readings.

Along these same lines many years ago I had some Mahatmas tell me that it is pretty much taught in eastern temples pretty much as the Sitchin’s books lays it out. One error they pointed out was that Antu is the male deity and Anu the female. They were a few other errors but more or less the books are on track. What I found shocking was their insistence that there is only one Lord of the Universe but had shown up many times in the personages of krishna, Siddhartha, Jesus, Ghengis Khan and hold on for this one, Tecumseh, panther across the sky. He was born under the meteorite. And many more times according to them. Yes there indeed may be only one Lord of the Universe. You see in eastern belief circles he is known as the avatar and effects change during a 26,000 year great cycle or Plato age and ours ends this year. Those Mahatmas went back to India many years ago and I wish they were still around.

Sodom was indeed zapped by a nuclear missile and a body will pretty much look like a pillar of salt if you are near one. Parts of the Sinai are still radioactive also they claim, same with parts of India. There are pics in Sitchins books of guys who look like they are carrying tactical nukes.  One thing that makes sense was the theory that Nibiru having a longer course around the solar system had much less gravity. The Nefilim on this planet had genes of far less density than humans therefore lived longer, thousands of years and were giants. It would certainly explain how Methuselah could take a nap for 300 years. It may have been par for the course for the Nefilim.  Now if you have read anything on the Solomon Island Giants, the local will insist some of them are still in the jungle living in underground passageways and get this, they have red hair and are ten to 12 feet tall.

According to this piece, they steal native women here and there and mate with them. The locals are said to kill their off spring whenever possible. The Sumerian tablets/Enuma Elish go into much greater detail than biblical accounts as we see here. The council of Nicea only used some brief sketches of the tablets. The first man created according to the tablets however was called the Adapa or Adam.  What upset Enlil no end was the increasing sexual relationships between the young male Anunnaki and the Daughters of Man…. “….This growing togetherness between the young astronauts and the descendants of the Primitive Worker was not to Enlil’s liking. The Sumerian texts tell us that “as the Land extended and the people multiplied,” Enlil became increasingly “disturbed by Mankind’s pronouncements” and its infatuation with sex and lust. The gets together between the Anunnaki and the daughters of Man caused him to lose sleep. “And the Lord said: “I will destroy the Earthling whom I have created off the face of the Earth.” “….Enlil now saw his chance to get rid of the Earthlings when this scientific station at the tip of Africa began to report a dangerous situation: the growing icecap over Antarctica had become unstable, resting upon a layer of slippery slush.

The problem was that this instability had developed just as Nibiru was about to make its approach to Earth’s vicinity; and Nibiru’s gravitational pull could upset the ice cap’s balance and cause it to slip into the Antarctic Ocean. The immense tidal waves that this would cause could engulf the whole globe. “When the Igigi orbiting Earth confirmed the certainty of such a catastrophe, the Anunnaki began to assemble in Sippar, the spaceport.”

Throughout history there is one story after another of the giants. Note there wasn’t much interest as archeologists indicated it disproved their theories.


In his book, The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee, author John Haywood describes “very large” bones in stone graves found in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1821. In White County, Tennessee, and “ancient fortification” contained skeletons of gigantic stature averaging at least 7 feet in length.

Egyptian mummies in the grand canyon.

Red haired giants of Nevada.

Most of the artifacts have been lost over time due to lack of interest from science. Go figure. However some of the artifacts are in the Humboldt Museum at Winnemucca Nevada and in the Nevada State Historical Society’s museum at Reno.

I think the biggest blonde mummy in China was 9 feet, most of them had six fingers.

The gist of the Sumerian tablets was the winged globe, that is what the Greeks call it, shows up every 12,000 years taking an elliptical orbit through the solar system. It had less gravity and the Nefilim had lighter DNA living much longer than the original humans. It would certainly explain genesis referring to Methuselah taking a nap for 300 years.  They are our earliest written history and the fact that nobody wanted to talk about it much until Sitchen adds great credibility to it for me. What is the vatican going to say, well our boy Constantine really had you going there for about 2000 years didn’t he? Few are aware that Constantine had journeyed to India and studied Vedic text under Brahmins. Then he went to work. The Papacy was “a Vedic priesthood” until Constantine the Great killed the Vedic pope to replace him with the head of the hitherto unimportant Christian sect. This instantly ensured the Europe-wide triumph of Christianity because of the “sacred sway of the holy hoary Vedic priest known as the Shankaracharya” There has been debate over the veracity of his faith because he was baptized only on his death bed. See article on the Constantinian shift. He was British born.

The chief priest (the Pontifex Maximus) was from the time of Constantine forced to call himself a Christian priest. Maximus is the Sanskrit term Mahattamas, i.e. “the topmost”. The emperer Constantine convened the council of Nicaea around 369. He called all the “holy men” of the day who were “under divine guidance” to meet in Turkey as it was convenient for all. Eusebius was the only deacon invited due to his recent war record where brought the sword of the Lord against Arianism. The doctrine of reincarnation was done away with and it was even debated whether or not Alexander would be divine also and equal to Jesus. Books on Arianism would be burned and anybody caught with one would be executed. That is when the killing went into high gear in Europe the Irish and Germanic nature religions would convert or die to the new Christianity of Rome.

They have found a new pyramid in Bosnia and as you might surmise have someone from the Russian academy of Sciences right on this one. Named it the pyramid of the Sun and they say it is emitting light. It had been covered by forest for years and nobody expected it was there until one guys said hey this looks a little weird, looks like a pyramid!

This particular source also indicates the Giza is emitting a type of red light now, possibly reasons for activation, sun plasma on the earth’s core.

The point made by Carlos Barrios, the Mayan elder, “if we can get to the 5th Sun.” He emphasizes it is not the end of the world like some try and say but there is no guarantee on the end of man. His point is the greatest threat we face right now along with many is the number of nuclear plants, some 400 of them around the globe and many on earthquake faults. We can see what a handful did in Japan which has 50 of them. They may have to eventually evacuate Tokyo and it will be mandatory if reactor four collapses as there is more radiation on those spent fuel rods than all the nuclear tests ever made on the planet and it is not underground it is ground level.

Germany and Austria have now declared they will become nuclear free, that however does not protect them from various other plants in Europe as France has plenty of them and they have had some quakes and scares under them as well as rivers that cool them going dry due to drought. They constantly leak tritium into the rivers. The whole thing is complety insane but as they say it is the kali Yuga, the dark times.

The New Madrid has some 17 plants along it and it has been shown to go about every 200 years. It is about due and the last time it went there were tidal waves coming down the Mississippi and it changed course for awhile and flowed the other way. If and when this happens what transpired at Fukushima will be a walk in the park This site has a world of info on Giza and a pretty good explanation of what it is all about. If we are entering a period of solar energy effecting change in the earth core, that is a pretty big story for me. We know the polar axis has moved already from Canada to Siberia and it is speeding up. That is not some speculation from a new age site, that is fact. There are quite a few people out there with a little more horsepower than me who relate it to the strange sounds being heard around the world. Now as usual the youtube spoofers are getting in on the act but much of it is real, as a shaken mayor was on NBC in Clintonville, Wisconsin and she was wanting to know just what the heck is going on. It went on for days and they decided it was small earthquake swarms but it is unusual for them to have booming noise and now this phenom has moved up into Canada along with the noise.

The Map Of ‘The Creator’ 120 million years old. (The alphabet is an unknown form of hieroglyphics)  “A discovery by Bashkir scientists contradicts all traditional notions of human history: stone slabs which are 120 million years old and covered with the relief map of the Ural Region. The Americans were amazed but not enough to run it on Fox news. But of course we have to keep dialogue at the lowest possible trivial level. What amazed russian scientists is the map would almost have to have been laid out from the air. Russia is a big place.  “The map was probably created at the time when the Earth’s magnetic pole situated in the today’s area of Franz Josef Land, while this was exactly 120 million years ago, – professor Chuvyrov says. – The map we have is beyond of traditional perception of mankind and we need a long time to get used to it. We have got used to our miracle.”

There is another ancient manuscript called the Kolbrin bible. It too speaks of a sky dragon that turns the earth upside down. I have read it also and is quite a bit like the Enuma Elish or Sumerian clay tablets. You realize of course the Chinese national symbol the fire dragon is none other than the 12th planet. The dragon that seizes the world in it’s claws? They have known about this for quite some time!! (dragon parades and fire crackers in the streets) The dragon makes for quite a party! The Yow World Books copy of the Kolbrin comes from one of those 1992 original distributed copies that was sent to India for publication. There are two published versions, ours in America and the Culdean Trust version in New Zealand. There are isolated copies in Lebanon, England, the Vatican and others around the world. If you saw the movie Braveheart you remember Longshanks.  “The Kolbrin Bible is the collection of documents (Bronze Book) that was hidden at the time of the burning of the Glastonbury Abbey in England by Edward the First (Longshanks) in 1184 AD. It has been preserved by secretive groups for the last 850 years. Edward sought to destroy the Kolbrin believing it to be a heretical rival of the Holy Bible and a potential threat to his rightful claim as King of England.

As we know there was a grave dug up by monks with a plaque stating King Arthur, England’s once and future King.  Planet X is very real and known to the ‘elite,’ a hidden fact they have discovered from an ancient source and have held close to their hearts for quite sometime  –  until now.

You are a moron cousin George but you pulled it off!

According to the above verse, it appears a select few will survive. Think about it. If a group of people possessed an 800 year-old document stating without doubt that a catastrophe would occur upon the return of a celestial object, then they would have the luxury to carefully plan out their survival by secretly building facilities such as: underground bunkers, gigantic ocean-liners and future command-posts.”

Gerry Zeitlin of Berkeley’s open SETI program, the search for extra terrestrial life certainly takes the Vedas and Sumerian tablets seriously.”The Shining Ones (Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien), which I am reading now, extensively consults several little-known texts, including Kharsag Epics Nos. 1-9 (taken from Sumerian tablets), The Atrahasis Epic (a story from nineteenth century B.C.E. Mesopotamia that includes both a creation and a flood account), the Askew Codex”

Zeitlin says he has read Sitchin’s books as well as the Atrahasis which is similar in descripive analysis of the Anunnaki.  I highly recommend it. “I have read most of Sitchin’s books. They provide much information that has been neglected by modern society. But they do not provide all of the essential aspects of the picture he paints, and they have other “downsides” which we could address if you wish. One of the gaps relates to your question: How did the “Anunnaki” happen to be living on this planet “Nibiru”? Did they “evolve” there (assuming humans and humanoids “evolve”, which is an assumption I do not make), or did they arrive from somewhere else?”

Peter King has an opinion on which way the wind is blowing taken from:

Found here”

The first thing you have to get by in that article is: “Peter Kling, referred to by some as “the Einstein of Biblical prophecy” considers himself a hermeneutics scholar from the hermeneutic school of Sir Isaac Newton Scientist Sir Isaac Newton, a President of the Royal Society” Royal Society???????

I suppose the British do know how to interpret the bible as they are the ones who wrote it. Constantine the British warlord he killed the Vedic Pope had sojourned to India also to study under Brahmins beforehand. I wonder if this is all factored in when the British make these amazing discoveries on just what the bible means?  After this Rome was united under the new Christianity and the nature religions of Ireland and Germany were put to the sword if they did not convert. Constantine and his experts debated whether or not Alexander should be considered equal to Jesus and God but it was decided against. I would say it takes a hell of a Hermeneutics expert to make sense of it all. 

I don’t think Revelation was changed much however and one can see how it is being used today to establish the current events. John was the brother of Jesus.  They did try and form a world government after napoleon and it cost Czar Alexander. It also cost Czar Nicholas also. He did not listen to Rasputin and stay out of the German war. He was killed as Rasputin predicted he would be as well as Rasputin himself. Rasputin was a practitioner of the ancient Vedic Tantrayana still practiced in Siberia. Was he one of the good aliens we hear about, here to help us or a dark force, or was he the avatar? Rasputin healed the sick and predicted the future with amazing accuracy and this is well documented by Russian historians.

One thing King sees that is impressive is the difference between good and bad aliens. It is well believed that Michael was at times in the garden of Eden as it is called.  “There is one major problem, the ‘Alien’ known as King Michael from Revelation 19 shows up with an army too, Nisan 14, 4-14-2014.” Now that would surely throw a monkey wrench into project bluebeam.

When I see things like Fulham refer to the Mayans and their snake God, however I realize the person writing it has absolutely no knowledge of this period. Queztalcoatl wore a plume of feathers behind him. That is why he was called the plumed serpent. He also told the Mayans when asked that he came from the east where he was known as chee zoos. It is interesting and sounds a lot like the oriental chi or Zeus. When you combine them both a bit like Jesus.

I am well aware the prevailing story line is the mayans were cannibals but there is also some convincing evidence the catholic church and the Jesuits fashioned most of this story line. We known the defeated is always at the mercy of historians and must be shown worthy of destruction. Now it may well be after the missionaries showed up there was some blood letting on the pyramids, probably some pedophile activity also. Of course also if some satanics managed to move into power in a few cliques it does not mean that is what the entire mayan civilization was all about. That is kind of like someone saying in the future that America was in on the Franklin cover up/Jon Benet Ramsay murder and kidnapping and we are all guilty and practicioners of it.  All in all when one is looking at what might transpire in this future, failing to consider the sun could render all computer chips useless, leaving some 400 power plants to melt down and no modern weapons to fight this great war with, seems simplistic. That is what a new sun cycle could do.  As for the Mayan elders and their snake God.

In fact there are manuscripts and word of mouth indicating the plumed serpent or quetzalcoatl climbed the ziggurat daily to perform tantrayana with the Goddess as adoring throngs watched in amazement.  Vedic tantrayana was world wide at that point and the evidence is all there from Russia which still has ancient vedic monuments and Shaman to the far reaches of the world including china and it’s ancient tradition of Tao and Tantrayana, which incidentally cautions against orgasm in such practices. The idea is to gain energy not expend it.  Aleister Crowley the grand mufti of dark sexual magic in the U.K. had a virtual library of of Vedic books concerning the divine science. He completely turned everything around. In other words sexuality for the purpose of enlightenment to help all had now become do what thy will. Everything goes, all options are on the table.

Tibetan monks relay stories of the dark brotherhood who kidnap young girls and attempt to extract their energy using gang rapes and orgies. They probably drink their blood afterwards and cook them in a soup when finished. (the life is in the blood). This practice is worldwide in the big cities of the world including Tokyo, Tel Aviv, London and elsewhere throughout the west. See aangirfan.

In Vedic times men and women were not afraid of each other and knew the pathway to enlightenment. There were no Gloria Steinems, Jesuits, pontiffs, and think tanks to convince people that sex is some type original sin and can lead to perdition if not handled right. The high priests of darkness have you just where they want you and the dominionists are pushing armageddon to keep it that way. 

I see the same type misdirection in Islam. I can find nothing in the Koran which indicates Muhamad advocated covering women’s heads or stoning. The Saudis are members of the tribe who supposedly converted to Islam and we can see their Wahhabi sect is advocating aggression vs other Arab countries. They seem to be a long way from the days when female energy was considered a healing force. If anybody can enlighten me more on Islam I would love to listen, I am not an expert on it. All I know is what I see.


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