Craigslist: Crisis Actors Wanted In Vermont


Craig’s List: 75 EVENT SECURITY OFFICERS NEEDED Immediately Must Have D License (orlando) hide this posting


Orlando Mass-Casualty Drill: Emergency Nurses Association Used Central Florida as Training Ground in Late 2015


Cop Found Laughing At Orlando Pulse False Flag Shooting-I Knew We Would Catch One Laughing Sooner Or Later

Laughing cop

laugh held

Is it just me or is Florida governor Rick Scott on the left trying not to smile? Beam me up Scotty!!

Andy no sad

Friend just died and Andy is laughing? That is a big fail Andy!

Andy not sad

Why is everybody laughing?

Why is Ricky smiling


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2 Responses to Craigslist: Crisis Actors Wanted In Vermont

  1. nooralhaqiqa says:

    “If this is not about homosexuality, Islam or guns, what is it about? It is about making us BELIEVE that it is about homosexuality, Islam and guns, of course!” ~ The Saker

    There are so many elements to this flag that are up to debate; not to mention that we will be living with militant “righteous” responses by the alphabet community forever if not longer. You know “Pride is stronger in the face of adversity” and all that jazz.

    Whether this was intended or not, and I don’t believe it was, as a result of this truly horrific event, a blood sacrifice of many innocent people, by a groomed religious fanatic, the homosexual agenda has been granted “homocaust” status that is supported by the JMSM.

    Despite my opening quote from The Saker, no matter what it was/is about, we will still have to live with the fallout.


  2. Don’t worry, nothing happened, nobody got hurt. The scary thing about it is, we either have a town with more than our share of low I.Q.s or psychopathic criminals. Either way bodes ill.

    And remember, just because Howell thought that Omar Mateen was killed does not necessarily mean he was killed. It only means that Howell believed the newspaper events.

    If you follow the links out in Makow’s article you will see also that Howell was charged with child molestation on a 12 year old girl. It is not uncommon for authorities to offer a way out of a sure conviction, such as we just want you to drive this car to California.

    Every police dept in America should send plaques to those two cops in California who blew the whistle on this. They are America’s only hope. Unlike this laughing bozo in Orland who thinks it is funny.


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