Can’t Make It In Hollywood-Become A Crisis Actor

This demonic witch goes from the highest mountains to the lowest valleys.






“I don’t think there’s ever been somebody so qualified to hold this office” Obama with his lies from the telepromter


Nancy Grace will get to the bottom of it.

Cop Found Laughing At Orlando Pulse False Flag Shooting-I Knew We Would Catch One Laughing Sooner Or Later

Laughing cop

laugh held

Is it just me or is Florida governor Rick Scott on the left trying not to smile? Beam me up Scotty!

Why is everybody laughing?

Why is Ricky smiling

Florida governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick is furious that Obama has not called him. What could he possibly say … Rick stop laughing.

Andy no sad

When people are talking about their friend supposedly shot in the worst mass shooting in US history, do they usually laugh and smile? That is a big fail Andy.

laughing Charleston

Mason Wells, 19, a Mormon missionary, has survived his third terrorist attack
Mason was in Paris last year during the attacks and a block away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon during the bombings

The mormon mummy, he is like a timex watch, he can take a licking but keep on ticking!



If anyone spots Carlos “The Cowboy” Arredondo in Brussels, please phone in!


The blonde was at Sandy Hook, the Oregon shootout at Umqua College and Brussels.

In case the youtubes go down here are the pics.

Sandy hook

Oregon college

You know you want to laugh, go ahead and let it out!

Oregon-Sandy hook actor in Brussels


Is it just me or does the black guy look familiar also?

Back to Sandy Hook. Nobody heard any shooting and the janitor cannot be found now days.

Sandy Hook Principle Dawn Hochsprung Tweets From Beyond The Grave

Big fail



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