Italian SAMP/T Missiles Arrive In Turkey-ISIS Claims Russian Iskander Missiles Used Against Them For First Time

Events seem to be becoming very serious.

Italian SAMP/T unit arrives in Turkey

An Italian Eurosam SAMP/T (Sol-Air Moyenne Portée/Terrestre) long-range air defence unit has arrived in southern Turkey’s Kahramamaras province as part of NATO measures to reinforce Turkey’s border defences against a possible Syrian missile threat.

The Italian SAMP/T surface-to-air missile (SAM) batteries, which replace German Patriot SAMs that were withdrawn last year, were deployed following a Turkish request to NATO to further bolster the country’s restive 900 km long border with Syria, where fighting has intensified between coalition forces and Islamic State militants. The Italian batteries’ equipment arrived at the Turkish port of Iskenderun on 5 June and was brought to the military post in Kahramanmaras by 10 trailers, along with 25 Italian Army personnel.

Syrian “Rebels” Announce First Use of the Russian “Iskander” System

Rebels and the militants from the terrorist groups “Islamic State” have reported that the Russian military contingent used the newest “Iskander” rocket system. This was reported by

In the night of June 9th, in the area of the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Syrian border with Turkey, a powerful explosion took place from a missile attack. The border crossing is 50 km west of Aleppo.

Representatives of the terrorist group ISIS announced that the Russian Hmeymim airbase launched a tactical missile from the “Iskander” system.  The modern “Iskander” missile system is actually in service with the Russian military contingent in Syria, arriving at the Hmeymim airbase in March 2016.

Sources in the Ministry of Defense of Syria, in turn, confirmed the missile strike on militant positions near the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, but according to their message, the Soviet Tochka missile system was used to destroy the convoy of trucks that was carrying weapons and ammunition from the territory of Turkey.

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