Austria’s Herr Strache Is Perturbed

A quick observation of Europe at this point indicates the citizens have no more control over their country than citizens of other countries in the west. We now see that Israel is shipping unwanted migrant immigrants to Sweden by the plane load in an all or nothing attempt to overwhelm the west with foreigners. As one Italian citizen I noted on youtube the other day noted this cannot be called immigration, this is simply replacing one population with those of another.

One has to wonder what is the learning curve of Germans and Austrians and how long will it take for them to realize they are being targeted by the EU and their own politicians?

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The Austrian people have the right not to become strangers in their own country as a result of the “refugee” state of emergency, Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Freedom Party of Austria , FPÖ) leader HC Strache has said.

Addressing his nation in a formal video distributed on his personal website and through Facebook, Strache said that the crisis had been caused by the policies followed by the governments of Austria and Germany.


“The images of human suffering that we see every day cannot leave anyone cold or unimpressed. We all have humanity and compassion but the situation also demands of us that we keep a clear view of reality,” he said, before posing a list of questions dealing with the implications of the mass nonwhite invasion.

“How will our labor market cope with thousands more asylum seekers when we already have nearly 500,000 in our country?

“What will be the future consequences to our health and social system with the presence of so many strangers?

“Where will the housing for all these foreigners come, especially now that winter is just around the corner?

“What does the inclusion of so many foreigners in our school system mean?

“Who will take responsibility to guarantee that no terrorists and fundamentalists enter our country?

“And finally: How much will all this cost and where will the money come from?”

The FPÖ leader then spelled out a clear policy guideline which he said was necessary to prevent “Austria and Europe being thrown under the bus” (unter die Räder kommen).

These policy steps, he said, were as follows:


The UN, EU, and the US would have to launch actions in the crisis areas to calm the situation (meaning Syria and the Middle East);

– Austria must immediately implement the strictest border closure controls;

– the creation of centers for those awaiting asylum applications; and

– a fixed maximum number of refugees which Austria can tolerate.

“Now is the time when humanity must be combined with clear analysis and necessary foresight. Anything else is irresponsible and not a contribution to the preservation of freedom, peace, security, and prosperity.

“Our population has the right to have their interests looked after. They have the right not to become strangers in their own country. Responsible politicians have to take this seriously.”

The reaction of the Austrian people to this message will be shown on September 27, when regional elections in all of the north of Austria take place. Strache is also standing in Vienna’s mayoral elections which take place in October.

It is significant that Strache and his party have taken directly to social media to campaign and release videos, rather than waiting for the controlled media (run by far-leftists) to say anything.

The increased popularity of social media has completely bypassed the controlled media, and, as pointed out on Strache’s website, his reach has now become phenomenal. Strache’s personal Facebook page “like” rate has jumped to over 250,000—98 percent from within Austria and, in the last seven days, his postings reached 4.805 million Facebook users. More than 330,000 users clicked on his links during this period, and some 76,500 comments were left.



It is a bit more dismal than Herr Stache is letting on

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