The French Calais Area Is Now Armed As Gun Fire Fills The Air-Tuberculosis Spreading As Area Turns Into Open Air Toilet

Rothschild and Soros money are set to pave the way for one million new combatants into america this year also.


The information had yet quickly refuted after the affray who had opposed near 200 Sudanese and Afghan migrants. ‘Were heard the shots’, yet confirmed several people in the Jungle at the beginning of clashes between migrants. “We saw a weapon,” added another direct witness of the scene.

Several sources confirmed yesterday that a “dozen of migrants’ had been supported in different hospitals in the region“for lead shot received in the body. “Of small lead sinkers, vital for victims inconsequential.”

One of the migrants reportedly was hit by a lead at eye level.

No weapons of war in the Jungle

In any case, it is not so-called war’ weapons type Kalashnikov or other, as what could be told on social networks shortly after the incidents of last week.

“Shot, it can be compressed air, with a shoulder weapon or a handgun, explains Gilles Debove, SGP – FO Police Union official. This is not necessarily a firearm. The type of weapons used during the brawl has not been clarified by our source.


The open air toilet is reporting more cases of tuberculosis

Shortly after 7 p.m., first migrants, women in particular, began to mount in the bus that would take them in centres engaged in Ile-de-France. Some 1,300 people, including many Afghans, Sudanese, Somalis and Eritreans, had been identified in the last score in this camp situated in the North of the capital.

The operation by region prefecture, the prefecture of police, and the city of Paris with the support of associations, was launched in the presence of the Minister of housing, Emmanuelle Cosse. Mobilized riot police were working to contain the pressure of migrants who came out one of the compact group to get on the bus behind a cord.

Cases of tuberculosis

Migration crisis in Europe, Monday is the 23rd operation of this kind organized in Paris from June 2015, according to the count of region prefecture. From before 6 hours, migrants were standing in front of the makeshift camp. The passage of a first bus was welcomed with applause and whistles. Mohammad slept here for a month, he comes from Afghanistan and said to be already launched in an asylum application process. Where is it going? “I don’t know, it‘ll be better” that here, he said showing hundreds of tents on the esplanade.

The camp, already evacuated less than a month ago before recover, presented highly degraded sanitary conditions. Dozens of small red tent canvases there had piled up. The camp had swelled over the daily arrivals, and everything was missing. Last week, Médecins du monde had referred to cases of tuberculosis, disease of the precariousness hitherto absent from the Parisian camps.

Libya Refuses to Take Back Invaders

The Libyan president Fayez al-Sarraj has refused to take back any of the invaders who have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, saying that they are the European Union’s problem.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with Die Presse newspaper in Germany, Al-Sarraj was adamant that the invaders—most of whom set off from the Libyan coast, “cannot live with us.”


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