My Computer Was Infected With The Deadly Zeus Trojan


Yesterday I tried to reprogram one of my imacs with a yosemite cd I purchased from ebay. It said must be connected to the internet to use. I found this highly unusual but I connected up anyway. The first thing I got was a frozen screen which indicated I have the deadly zeus trojan virus. (Call this number). Naturallly it turned out to be a bunch from what sounded like unknown parts of the mideast . I kept them entertained long enough to show me how to make the browser half way usable by holding the shift key and turning on the computer. They usually want 150 dollars I am told to fix it.

The page they were advising me to hook up to in the browser would not appear. I kept getting I was playing around with them just to make sure they would finally ask for money to “fix” this problem. Finally I just hung up on them.

Amazingly I was able to call Kaspersky and get an email to down load the anti virus again. That is the only way I could get it off. If I had not had kaspersky it would have been a take it to the repair man type deal. I could not log into the kaspersky validation block on the internet with the computer in the condition it was in. The browser had fairly strong waves running through it and was almost unreadable. Kaspersky did manage to email the login block to me in order to insert the purchase codes and the amazing zeus trojan virus was obliterated immediately.

I noticed in the browser many of the links about kaspersky were kaspersky.smack your headtronics and other sites which were not official etc etc and linked back to, the con artist. They had been calling two or three times in the last 3 weeks. A guy calls and says we have noticed people are down loading viruses on your windows. I said that is interesting because I don’t use MS buddy. I said I have been watching your computer also and I don’t know how to tell you this aliens in saucer directly above your house are plugged into it and monitoring your every word.

Finally I said don’t call here again or I am going to call the cops.

Since posting the link to “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor I have noticed something strange going on with this blog. There was a click by a visitor in the administrative area of the blog entitled thanks for the memories. It had a strange symbol by it which I have never encountered in several years of blogging.

Traffic on the blog began to fall off considerably the last few days. By this time of the day I have usually had 4 to 5 hundred visitors due to search alone. Today there are 21 at 9:30 PM there are 21 searches for some 839 posts on Here Comes The Sun and 1263 posts on Breaking News which shows 150 searches. The blog is extremely slow loading up now and hard to use. I can no longer log into gravatar nor see gravatars on any blog. Sometimes the header takes a minute or two to load up. This is the last avatar I had.

I probably won’t cancel this blog like I did the last one, at least not yet. WP with it’s problems is still not as difficult to work with as joogle was. But it is all a reminder they can shut down anything they don’t like on the net at any time.

angie para

I don’t have to search google to realize links here have been pretty much scraped.


I suspect “Thanks For The Memories” had something to do with this.(Linked here)
Sex Abuse On Massive Scale-Western Ship Of State-Pedophiles At The Helm

Of course this may have helped, as I consider Kaminsky one of the biggest frauds on the internet. He is right up there with Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts.
The Curse of Not Knowing-The Truth Can Set You Free

Of course wordpress, google and others are owned by the same people with the face of the company changing periodically.
IT Industry: Owned and Operated by The Company

Sources of interest.
(No location info)

Vodafone Isp

Athens, Attiki, Greece
Otenet S.a.
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
IP Address:
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
IP Address:
Time Warner Cable
Haiku, Hawaii, United States
IP Address:
Time Warner Cable
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
IP Address:
Bell Canada

Virgin Island, U.S.
IP Address:
Choice Communications, Llc (The Virgin Islands Are a definite listening post)


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