Russian Germans Flee To Crimea Escaping Merkel And ISIS

A New Home: Russian Germans Flock to Crimea

Ever since Crimea once again became a part of Russia, the peninsula began attracting conservative Russian Germans who apparently became disaffected with Berlin’s policies.


It’s small wonder that Crimea, with its warm climate and sea, is a popular destination for Russians. But it turns out that ever since Vladimir Putin made it clear that the peninsula will forever remain a part of Russia, it also started attracting Russian Germans – ethnic Germans who were born in RussiaAnd while some of them simply want to make their own impression of the new Crimea, others actually entertain the idea of settling there, German TV broadcaster ZDF reports.

Since Crimea’s reunification with Russia, about 1,500 Russian Germans contacted Yuri Gempel, chairman of the Crimean German National and Cultural Autonomy, and asked him to help them relocate there, claiming that they fell a greater connection to the Russian Empire than to modern day Germany.

It should be noted that a considerable number of Germans used to live in Crimea since the times of Tsarist Russia, but all of them ended up deported from there during World War II.

“Some of them are displeased with the current refugee problem. And many are unwilling to put up with the dismantling of the Christian and family values,” Gempel explained.

One of the would-be settlers, a Russian German named Willi Sdor, said that it is hard to find a decent-paying job in Germany when you have an accent which makes him feel himself as a “second-rate citizen” there.

“I raise my kids alone, and of course it’s not easy. But when I seek even a little help, the door is always closed for me. Refugees always come first in Germany, and the government doesn’t have money to spare for anything else,” he explained.

He also said that he considers Germany as his “second homeland” and Russia as his first because he was born there.

The prospects of a fresh start, along with a familiar feeling of protection and authority – this is what makes Crimea highly desirable for many Russian Germans, ZDF concludes.

German Delegates Visiting Crimea May Face Sanctions at Home

German authorities exert pressure on politicians, public figures, businessmen and athletes who want to visit Crimea, German politician and head of the German party “Unity” Dmitry Rempel confessed during a press conference in Simferopol.

According to him, entrepreneurs and politicians are subject to pressure from several German agencies.

“Some business representatives who traveled with us had to undergo various check-ups, while their bank accounts were closed. Students were told that this trip might mean the end of their student careers,” Rempel said, adding that similar measures applied to hockey players who joined the delegation.

A lighthouse in western Crimea.

According to the latest data, some members of the delegation were forced to abandon their trips to avoid losing their jobs.

“Virtually everyone was forced to take part in some kind of a conversation and put under pressure in the area where they were vulnerable or dependent,” Rempel said.

According to Rempel, he and his colleagues might also face some sort of punishment when returning home. However, this fact did not prevent them from visiting the peninsula.

“We have deliberately come here. We don’t know what sanctions we will be subject to upon our arrival, but we want to help and ensure that our peoples and nations coexist peacefully and friendly,” the politician concluded.

Several European delegations have already visited Crimea since its reunification with Russia. For instance, in early May, a delegation of five Italian senators was in Crimea for a three-day visit to discuss economic and cultural issues. During their stay in Crimea they visited the cities of Sevastopol, Yalta and Simferopol and held a number of meetings with local authorities.



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