Whole Portion Of Japan Moves During Major Shift-Did You Happen To See This?

Me either, I just happened to run into it.


A series of large earthquake has occurred (and is still occurring) in South Japan.

The earthquakes so far topped out at M7.1, with swarms of M5.0 to M6.0 range “aftershocks” spreading out across the region to nearby adjacent volcanic locations.

Make note of the “line” or progression of earthquakes which shows over the past three days since the original M6.5 earthquake struck.


The movement began at the Southwest tip of the island, and has progressed Northeast, striking multiple volcanoes along the way (as seen in this graphic below).

japan struck april 16 2016 whole island sw to ne

During this widespread swarm of large earthquakes, Mount Aso (located towards the center of all the activity) sent off a new blast.

Japanese news covered the eruption at the nearby volcano, but most international media outlets are lagging behind by at least a day in reporting events.


It is troubling to see that the whole series of earthquakes kicked off with a M6.5 near a long dormant Volcano named Kumano-Dake, then spreading Northeast to Mount Aso Volcano, then spreading further Northeast to Yufu-Tsurumi Volcano.

The spreading of earthquakes to adjacent areas was something we were watching for.

See the video report on Japan here:


The line of earthquakes across the whole interior of the South island of Japan / Kyushu is pointing towards further large movement in nearby adjacent areas in the near term.

Additionally, the threat of new volcanic eruptions coming from other nearby volcanoes is a real possibility over the next several days.



6.5M Quake Hits Sumatra – on west side

1 06 2016


Reuters – Magnitude 6.5 quake felt off Indonesia’s Sumatra: USGS

Details: RSOE Report | Map

It is near Kerinci volcano. About 60 miles away.

NO TSUNAMI – says the region website.
“tidak berpotensi TSUNAMI” means “no potential TSUNAMI“


Down in Central America – Peru is going off!


PeruQuakes6116bThe volcanoes on the maps are not active ones. The big one everyone’s watching in up north in Costa Rica. The Turrialba volcano.

RSOE Area Map



Checking Nuke Sites Near That Big 7.2 Taiwan Quake


Frantic volcanic activity seen across much of the globe


President Obama advises Americans to obtain emergency kits for upcoming disasters

Hola! When the drone ranger says bad things are going to happen, it gets my attention.

Drone Ranger


Update On Pelee- Yellowstone And Cayce


As an extra treat

Nuke Pro – Clinton, Kissinger, and Radioactive Food From Japan, an Unholy Alliance Poisoning America



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3 Responses to Whole Portion Of Japan Moves During Major Shift-Did You Happen To See This?

  1. flyingcuttlefish says:

    I think they say that island in Japan is splitting in two!


    • flyingcuttlefish says:

      and same type of deal if the overhanging Gulf Coast snaps off like a soda cracker. It will make gigundous tsunami. All those drill holes… all those salt caverns!

      Oh, and if you really want to get creeped out:


  2. That is a very interesting video. I had known about the Denver airport for years, however that is the first I have heard the airport was in the shape of a swastika. There is an interesting history on the swastika.


    Mount Shasta in California seems to be similar as there are many off limits areas around it. Only problem is it is a volcano with many others in the area.

    The way the TVA is shaping up, serious sinkhole under Boone dam in Tennessee, seems to suggest many may have to go underground before it is over. From the book thanks for the memories, it seems the government network in Tennessee and Kentucky is even more criminal than most.

    Yesterday I tried to reprogram on of my imacs with a yosemite cd I bought off ebay. It said must be connected to the internet to use. I found this highly unusual but I connected up anyway. The first thing I got was a frozen screen which indicated I have the deadly zeus virus. (Call this number). Naturallly it turned out to be a bunch from what sounded like Pakistan. I keep them entertained long enough to show me how to make the browser half way usable by holding the shift key and turning on the computer. They usually want 150 dollars I am told to fix it. Amazingly I was able to call Kaspersky and get an email to down load the anti virus again. That is the only way I could get it off. If I had not had kaspersky it would have been a take it to the repair man type deal.

    I noticed in the browser many of the links about kaspersky were kaspersky etc etc and linked back to support.me, the con artist. They had been calling two or three times in the last 3 weeks. A guy calls and says we have noticed people are down loading viruses on your windows. I said that is interesting because I don’t use MS buddy. Don’t call here again or I am going to call the cops.

    Now that I have kaspersky loaded up I am tempted to stick that cd back in there and see if says you must be internet connected to use it. I paid good money for it.

    Funny this all started after I posted the pdf link to “Thanks For The Memories”, Brice Taylor.

    Clicks are way down today on the other blog, there is usually 5 to 6 hundred by this time of day, sometimes by search engine alone. It appears google is doing a little scrubbing. I can no longer see avatars on the blog either. They disappeared.

    But as for Keshe, he is right, we have never seen earthquakes of this magnitude or type sequences in recorded history.


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