Sex Abuse On Massive Scale-Western Ship Of State-Pedophiles At The Helm

Sam Hill And Joe Public On The Massive Scale Of Institutional Child Sex Abuse In Britain.

Snuff Movies In Scotland


Politicians and officials named in court as ‘boy brothel’ case begins


Tranceformation of America – Cathy O’Brien: Bush was using his bird dog to track me-the same one that had recently been used with me in bestiality filming as a “Byrd-dog” joke on my owner- Robert C. Byrd


Brice Taylor: Thanks For The Memories





In other pedophile news

How The Dodgers Won Big On The Diamond


Pimped his own 5 year old daughter to the “team”

25000 Ukrainian children organs harvested in Israel



I am familiar with the Joris Demmink case.

Joris Demmink and his party have been photographed and recorded while raping children in Marmaris, Turkey, Van der Sloot Impregnates Girl In Peruvian Jail


There is probably enough out there to write several books on. In fact Greg Hallet has. In
fact he maintains Helen Clark used to be a street prostitute in Moscow under the communists and then was made prime minister of New Zealand which he calls a pedophile ring posing as a country. He claims after going off the reservation she came to Washington, was provided a lesbian and then was given something to make her incontinent where she then had to wear pampers.

Fisting In America, The Helen Clark Story, The Black Mailer’s Guide By Greg Hallett

Some of the links like “whipping the sleeper” I recommend as there is some slight dark humor there.

Testimony Of Sister Charlotte About Abuses In Convents-They Met Jesus-Deformed Babies From Drunken Priests Are Tossed Into Limebeds-Convents Were Abolished In Mexico In 1934



Missing girl was abducted for Vatican sex parties – priest

 `Missing person: Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela's brother said it was time for the Vatican to come clean about what it knows of Emanuela's disappearance
 Still no word on this one, it doesn’t look like it has been solved.
More found at





50,000 missing native Americans children vanish at catholic school.

Also don’t miss knocking up the housekeeper. Churchill and hitler were first cousins.

The Mccanns Versus The World’s Biggest Mafia

Pedophile Ring Kidnapped Madeleine McCann

Knocking up the housekeeper

More On The Yale Boners And The Brotherhood Of The Bell




Argentine priests name Jesuit Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) as trafficking the children of political prisoners during the so-called Dirty War


Colonia Dignidad is said to have links to a large number of Jewish Nazis linked to satanic ritual abuse-the Knights of Malta and the Vatican


Thousands of Irish orphans were used as ‘drug guinea pigs’



My Story Fiona Bartlett – ‘Hang on for the ride’


Kerala India Police Have Named Catholic Priest In Murder Of 12 Year Old Girl

Flying Cuttlefish On Well Connected Pedophiles


Latest On Brit Well Connected Pedophiles, Epstein + Dershowitz Quagmire Gets Deeper


Latest Brit Well Connected Star Exposed as Child Rapist


PEATS IN GOA As Social Worker With Catholic Church (aangirfan)


Satanic Ritual Abuse By The Police In Ireland (aangirfan)


The Sinister Marc Dutroux Coverup

Who Is Really Behind Child Trafficking, Follow The Money




Satanic Ritual Abuse In Scotland


The Who’s who of Satanic Child Abuse


Jesuits (IHS) Vatican Papal Knights: Global Satanic Ritual Abuse (VIDEO)

Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Prog’mg (VIDEO)

MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Prog’mg Modes ID: “I Gotta See It”

Prez Obama Who’s Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters? (VIDEO)

Speaking With One Voice: Rothschild Funded Ashke-NAZI Mind Kontrolle Media PsyOps


Mons Vaticanus: Sovereign Satanic City State of The Dead, Nazi-Pope’s And The Whore of Babylon (VIDEO)



Nicole Kidman’s Diddy Antony Kidman An Apparent Pedo-What A Surprise


Tribunal on Indian Boarding Schools Oneida, WI, Oct 2014


Paedophiles From Merry Old England To New Zealand


Tsar Nicholas’s Four Daughters Reportedly Raped


Why Do Popes Wear A Yarmulke?

The Illuminati sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year, “Mary Anne,”


Italian- Russian Police Break Up Child Snuff Porn Ring


Pedophilia Shows Up In Another Thousand Points Of Light-2 Judges In Pennsylvania Convicted Of Selling Children To Prisons-Same State Where Sandusky Convicted Of Pedophilia At Penn State University In “Happy Valley” at “Beaver Stadium”-Coach Dies Just Before Trial And Two Prosecutors Murdered





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