A new mass migration center in Altenfelden Austria went up in flames days before it was set to open


Feuer in unbewohnten Asylheim

Arson: burned down refugee home in Altenfelden

ALTENFELDEN. A newly built and still uninhabited refugee home burned down in the night on Wednesday in Altenfelden. Nine firefighters are early in use since 2: 00.

Fire in uninhabited asylum home

Fire in uninhabited asylum home image: fotokerschi.at 13:30, the Red Cross announced that it‘s arson: “we are due to the now established fact that it was arson that shocked. Fortunately nobody was hurt. We still adhere to our mission, to help people seeking help, and will look in the coming days with the regional authorities talks to begin reconstruction immediately”, as Red Cross President Walter Aichinger.

On the outer wall, two fires had been found by investigators. The used sniffer dogs but found no trace of a fire Accelerator, police spokesman Bernd Innendorfer said. There was no information on the perpetrators yesterday yet. In addition to the LKA, also the State Office for protection of the Constitution was turned on.

Unloading operations won’t be over

Since the accommodation is still uninhabited, no one was injured in the fire. The helper was alerted early about 2 o’clock and came out with a total of 120 rescuers. All nine fire departments are still in use. Extinguishing the fire are expected to last into the evening hours.

The building would be obtained from 48 asylum seekers to in about two weeks. The two-story house was built in timber bars, impeding the unloading operations as regional fire commander Sepp Bröderbauer explained: “one needs to break literally the building, to get inside. Could approaching the House not on two or three meters, because parts are repeatedly dropped.”

For this reason, a so-called “indoor”attack was not possible as squad leader Martin Wakolbinger explained: “therefore is it more of a fire Chase.”

Building is completely destroyed

In the morning an excavator of the construction company has been requested, this now systematically dismantled the walls. “So we reach all fire nests in the insulation,” said Banga. He expects that against 17 fire out can occur. The building is completely destroyed.

Banga lives even in Altenfelden and was already a quarter of an hour after the alarm is sent to the site: “There stood the building in full fire.” He is personally deeply: “It is very sad that there now will be this important accommodation in Altenfelden.”

The Red Cross would have been operators of home. District Manager Johannes Raab was the whole night spot: “just terrible, because it runs a cold over the back.” What happens next, and whether a substitute accommodation can be found, is still completely open: “we must confront now the new situation.” The damage is estimated at about 300,000 euro. €5,000 for notes

After the arson attack on a not yet inhabited asylum seekers residence in Altenfelden in Upper Austria the police Landesdirektion Oberösterreich for relevant clues, which lead to the seizure of the or of the offender, has offered up to 5,000 euros. In the course of the day, investigators found two fires on the outer wall. Thus it was clear that it has acted to put fire.

Traces of accelerant were not found. 100 to 120 firefighters were since about 2:00 in the usage, a part of them was during the day even in the fire place. No one was injured in the fire. The wood bar prefabricated houses were destroyed according to lodging operators Red Cross but completely. A lead on possible perpetrators was missing for the time being.

Mayor “in shock”

Mayor Klaus Gattringer (VP) is according to own statements “in shock”. When nachrichten.at reached him in the morning, he didn’t believe that something like this is possible in his community. Now it is a sad certainty: the asylum accommodation was set on fire. For the local chief of incomprehensible: “Where we live, that fire to something, just because it does not agree?”

The accommodation was controversial in the community. The people were the usual questions: security, who comes, as are busy people. In February, there was a briefing to the nearly 400 people were killed. “There was massive resistance, I will not argue with that. But I believe that we could answer all questions positively”, so Gattringer:“My final word, there was even applause.”

But there was also protest and posters, written on which “Protects our women” was, and there was a signature list against the accommodation. “That such actions for a prosperous coexistence are not conducive, is clear,” so Gattringer, which was actually assumed that the mood has calmed down after the info event: “in the campaigns of donations very much was brought, and many volunteers have reported it.”

This is confirmed also Mario Mitterlehner, Coordinator of the Red Cross asylum accommodation in the District of Rohrbach: “we are all shocked. But not above average criticism in Altenfelden although, there. On the contrary, there were very many dedicated and voluntary helpers.”

“Hopefully, no old fields”

Now, the search starts after the arsonist. “I wish I don’t know him and that there is no Altenfeldner”, Gattringer says, probably even realizing, that this desire may be not fulfilled. And he wants a quick clarification so Altenfelden again comes to rest: “and I want a few beer even not after anyone to hear that the arsonist was right. One must have scared anyone, doing something like that, not from those who come.”

The Red Cross also announced that the accommodation will be rebuilt anyway. A decision that supports the Mayor: “I was always, even if it has brought me not only friends.” This is expression of his Christian values, for it stresses Gattringer: “we throw away tons of food, and others drown in the sea. Can’t do that. Who needs help and protection, she gets even.”

St. Martin IM mühlkreis is a similar accommodation (pictured above), also there soon 48 asylum seekers should move. This will increasingly monitor the police.

The shock runs deep, even Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said on Twitter:

Deeply concerned about the arson in the Asylquatier in #Altenfelden. Perpetrators must be researched from and be held accountable.

Sebastian short (@sebastiankurz) June 1, 2016



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