Lubavitch Stooge Aleksey Kudrin Offers Putin A Chance To Sell Out Russia: Putin Vows To Defend Russia To End Of Life-Access Denied

Putin swears to defend Russia to end of life

Putin swears to defend Russia to end of life. Vladimir Putin

Source: Pravda.Ru photo archive

Vladimir Putin claimed at the meeting of the economic council panel that it’s unseemly to trade sovereignty, as they proposed to start integration of the country into the progressive global community and reduce geopolitical tension unilaterally.

Aleksey Kudrin, Chairman of the Strategic Developments Centre, offered the President to build Russia in the international technological chains (let the jews take over again) in order to reduce its lag in this regard against progressive states. According to him, one can manage with technology lag of Russia only with the help of “Western well-wishers”. Thus, we should go the length of reconciliation and undertake measures to reduce geopolitical tension. (that is callled chutzpah gojim)

In response to such proposals, Vladimir Putin reminded of peculiarities of the millennial history of Russia and pointed out that the country will not trade its sovereignty even if it lags behind in some aspects. Beside that, the President claimed that he would defend Russia’s sovereignty to the end of his life.

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You Can’t Fire Me – I Quit: The Canonizing of Alexei Kudrin

Kudrin the Russian Jew who was fired by Putin takes another shot at subversion.

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