Color Revolution Begins In Germany

Well kinda, far far left stasi type throws chocolate cake in the face of Jewish far left German government official Sahra Wagenknecht, the darling of Germany’s zio press.  She is blathering about immigration. Germans would be wise to recognize her as the next representative of the beast when Merkel flees to Paraguay. She will maintain zionist control of the German government when the jewish Merkel grabs the bug out bag. Bare in mind the whole thing could be a publicity stunt to push “Sahra” as some kind of savior to the people. We will know no more if the cake thrower gets the chair, as a poet who wrote unflattering things about sahib Erdogan the Turkish dictator is now facing prison.



Yatsenyuk Flees To Argentina-Is Merkel The Girl From Bariloche Next? Beatrice von Storch Of The AfD Predicts Merkel Will Run To South America For Security Reasons Before The Fall Of Germany Once Again



On with the story: You will kindly notice in the article below anyone who opposes mass migration, advocates Germans once again being able to afford children, health care and a living wage is now termed a fascist. If you are against billions in taxpayer money to Israel you are antisemitic. If fact if they refer to themselves as a German rather than an EU person they are an enemy of the state.

On with the story:

Activist throws chocolate cake in German Left Party leader’s face at congress (VIDEO)


© Liberty Channel
An angry anti-fascist activist threw a creamy chocolate cake at a top official of Germany’s Left Party at a party congress. The activist says the action was prompted by the politician’s anti-refugee stance.

Sahra Wagenknecht, an outspoken leader of Die Linke’s parliamentary faction, was targeted by an activist who threw a chocolate cake at her face during the party convention in the city of Magdeburg on Saturday.

The cake attack was reinforced by other protesters throwing leaflets all over the place. A security detail took them away, while Wagenknecht was quickly surrounded by fellow party members, who covered her with their jackets in front of the cameras and escorted the MP out of the hall.

“This is an assault not only on Sahra, but an assault on us all,” Die Linke’s party chief Katja Kipping told the convention shortly after the cake attack.

Gregor Gysi, another party heavyweight, wrote on his Facebook that “whoever throws cakes has no arguments,” before adding that actions such as this “have never happened to our party congresses before and must be ruled out in future.”

Surprisingly, the assault was not orchestrated by the far-right, as it might seem at a glance. The leaflets were signed by an “Anti-fascist cake initiative for the misanthropes,” and equated the left leader Wagenknecht to the rightwing populist AfD party and anti-immigrant PEGIDA movement.

The “anti-fascists” also accused both Die Linke and AfD, the two implacable political rivals, of playing protest agendas and doing nothing to change things. The leaflets claimed, without reference, that Wagenknecht’s husband, “in 2005 and long before the creation of the AfD,” demanded that native Germans be safeguarded from “foreign workers.”

Wagenknecht appeared before the party members shortly afterwards, met by applause and a standing ovation. “Stupid actions like this will not deter me from being actively engaged into policy-making for the Left Party,” she was quoted as saying by Die Welt newspaper.

Earlier in January, Wagenknecht sparked criticism within her own party after she said that there are “limits to Germany’s capacity” to take refugees. “We can’t take one million or more refugees each year,” she said. The top party leader argued that migrants misuse their rights under what she called the “guest law.”




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