Attorney Takes On State of California over Forced Vaccination

sb277-479_origBy Denver Valenti

Almost a year ago, Governor Brown of California signed SB277 for mandatory vaccines which has been set to go into effect on July 1, 2016. The bill was prompted by the 2014 Disneyland measles outbreak and historically low levels of vaccination in some California schools. This law removes all exemptions: religious, medical, and philosophical. However, attorney T. Matthew Phillips believes the first amendment allows parents to exercise religion in the face of state-mandated vaccinations. He also says that children have a constitutional right to go to school, regardless of medical procedures. Ultimately a judge will decide which is more important: educating kids or vaccinating them.

Will mandatory vaccination for adults be next? Will 49 other states then require mandatory vaccination? We’re teetering on a slippery slope on what could be required for the greater good. First amendment rights were established to restrain the majority trying to subdue the rights of the individual. Look at what happened in Nazi Germany.

This is the only lawsuit that has been filed against the issue and has received no media attention. Please listen to the podcast below or browse the transcript and pass this link around to as many as you know.

The camel’s nose is under the tent. Which rights will be taken next?

Download Podcast: Matthew phillips, attorney at law, the first amendment and mandatory vaccines on


Also see: It’s Official – All Children Must Be Vaccinated To Attend Public and Private School in California

Denver Valenti writes for

The CDC has already admitted that vaccines cause autism and has done nothing about it.

DARPA Teams Up With Mainstream Media to Push Microchips for Your Children-Crazy Jerry The Jesuit Wants Mandatory Vaccine In California

Microchipping KidsPhillip Schneider, Staff
Waking Times

It’s hard to imagine the mainstream media stooping to an even lower low than where they’re at right now, but rest assured, if you start to become comfortable with them they’ll push that line even farther.

This time, NBC is pushing that Orwellian envelope to an extreme level as it advocates for human microchipping of children “sooner rather than later”.

In a recently televised report from NBC News, they liken having your child microchipped by the state at birth to something as societally normalized as bar codes for consumer goods.

“When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way” – NBC

This statement reveals the mentality that these types of people have, thinking of us not as human beings, but as cattle needing to be tagged by their our owners.

Be Afraid and We Will Protect You

It goes without saying that this agenda to microchip the human race has little to do with “safety” and much to do with control.

Whenever the establishment wants us to comply with something, they often give us talking points through the media that are designed to frighten us into complacency. If it’s about a vaccine, you may get very sick or die if you don’t go out and take their shot; when campaigning for war or surveillance you might just be shot down by a terrorist; and when voting be very, very afraid that the other candidate will win so you will be sure to cast a vote for one of the two, of which neither will ever really change anything.

“You’re putting a battery in your kid, you’re putting a chip in your kid. And, where does it stop…Where? It’s going too far. This is a child we’re talking about.” – Levey

The Pentagon’s DARPA Spends $62 Million Developing Microchips for Humans

You may have seen a video recently of a cockroach that had its mind literally hacked into, becoming a remote-controlled toy for the operator.

If you take that basic concept and apply it in a much more sophisticated way, that is what DARPA, the Pentagon’s technological development arm, has just been subsidized $62 million dollars to build.

Merging With Machines Doesn’t Make Us Superman – It Makes Us Slaves

In time, people will come to realize that the microchipping of dogs now and humans tomorrow, is pushing us in a direction that people today generally don’t yet understand, and thus aren’t as likely to resist it.

In a statement made by DARPA, the brain chips would:

“[enable] data-transfer bandwidth between the human brain and the digital world, feeding digital auditory or visual information into the brain.” and thereby “open the channel between the human brain and modern electronics.”

In other words, they are developing technologically induced mind control.

However, while DARPA interjects their own propaganda about what these chips would do for us, the reality is the opposite. Merging with machines does not make us Super Human, it makes us Sub-Human.

DARPA Wants To Entrap Us In A Technological Sub-World

The implications of this technology are vast. Could they heighten our senses? Give us quick knowledge through brain-interface internet searches? Or would they be used to create a false perception of our surroundings, torture the dissenters or hook us up to a database of only officially endorsed information as warned about in Orwell’s 1984 as the ministry of truth, creating a completely false and uniform perception of history, science, and all the rest amongst the population?

READ: Mass Holographic Deception & Psychological Manipulation Technologies Already in Use

The Mission Creep Strategy

In the military (which DARPA is a part of) there is a term called “mission creep”. This is a strategy used when you want to invade a country, but don’t have the resources or public support yet, or if the results are too unpredictable. What they’ll do as part of this strategy is occupy neighboring territories and establish military bases around the target country, as well as a number of other things, in order to increase their odds of winning the occupation.

In much the same way, we are being led down a path that is ultimately to our own demise, but in a way that is made seemingly inconspicuous to us. David Icke has dubbed this the Totalitarian Tip Toe.

Google’s Eric Schmidt Also Involved

Disturbingly, the CEO of Google and recurring Bilderberg member Eric Schmidt, who last year attended Bilderberg with ex-DARPA employee turned top Google executive Regina Dugan, also touted support for DARPA’s sinister creations. Past comments have made the idea of giving up personal information – especially in a permanently implanted chip – unnerving, to say the least.

“If you have something that you don’t want anybody to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

“We don’t need you to type at all because we know here you are, with your permission, we know where you’ve been, with your permission, we can more or less guess what you’re thinking about.” – Google CEO Eric Schmidt

And he made a specific reference to DARPA’s brain chips in the same interview.

“There’s what I call the creepy line and the Google policy with a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line, but not cross it. I would argue that implanting things in your brain is beyond the creepy line…at least for the moment until the technology gets better.”

The narrator of the documentary Take Back Your Power sums it up brilliantly:

“Is he saying that Google’s creepy line is defined only by the current level of technology? What does a higher level of technology have to do with morals or ethics?”


Crazy Jerry Brown The Jesuit Orders Mandatory Vaccine In California




Crazy Jerry Brown Is About To Be Recalled By Furious Grassroots Campaign Over Mandatory Vaccine And Other Crimes (Hallelujah)

Crazy Jerry Brown Is About To Be Recalled By Furious Grassroots Campaign Over Mandatory Vaccine And Other Crimes (Hallelujah)
Posted on July 7, 2015 by

I report this with caution as Nudelman could still show up with cookies and form a Maidan

State Of The Nation

Recall Movement Issues APB
On Governor Jerry Brown

Groups Joining Forces To Form Grassroots Organization to Remove Brown From Office Before California ‘Crashes and Burns’

by Californians Determined To RECALL Governor Jerry Brown

10 Point APB: Governor Brown’s Biggest Blunders And Bungling
• Gross Mismanagement of California Drought
• Signing of Draconian Child Vaccine Law
• Mishandling of Illegal Immigration, Encouragement of Illegal Aliens
• Failure to Address Ongoing CPS Child Abuse
• Support of Fracking in Spite of Earthquakes and High Water Usage
• Neglecting State’s Ancient Water Infrastructure
• Refusal to Address Antiquated System of Water Rights
• Pushing Costly High-speed Rail Link Between LA and San Fran
• Failure to Acknowledge Statewide Geoengineering via Chemtrails and HAARP
• Gratuitous Promotion of LGBTTTT Agenda and Hollyweird Depravity

In the wake of Governor Jerry Brown’s shocking approval of SB 277, perhaps the most draconian mandatory childhood vaccine law in the nation, a grassroots movement is quickly forming to remove him from office. The two words seen most frequently in every forum and chat room where vaccines are discussed are RECALL and IMPEACHMENT.

The political neophytes, of course, naively mention “impeachment” unaware that the Democratic Party currently enjoys overwhelming majorities in both the California State Senate and Assembly. Nevertheless, that such possibilities are even being seriously considered, particularly in light of California’s budget turnaround, is quite extraordinary.

Those initiated in the arcana of the state budgetary process know that only because of an out-of-control stock market was California able to reverse an extremely bleak financial and economic picture. The sustained surge of state revenues has come primarily from capital gains taxes, corporate state income taxes and income taxes on the rich. Each of these categories has seen marked increases during Brown’s term ONLY because the stock market has been experiencing a multi-year buying spree. That bull market frenzy is about to end this September and October of 2015.

Come the Fall, Governor Brown and the state of California will find itself in a substantially different place in terms of both collapsing revenues and ballooning expenses. The RECALL movement that has been taking shape will then gather considerable momentum given the all-to-familiar context of massive budget shortfalls and other serious fiscal woes. Brown has only been able to govern in such an irresponsible way because of the windfall produced by the ever-manipulated stock market. The codependence and mutual enabling, which often results from a solid blue state government, has also contributed to the massive challenges that California is about to face.


Brown Has Refused To Acknowledge That The Manmade Drought Was Geoengineered Utilizing Chemtrails And HAARP

There is no greater challenge facing the CA state government than the relentless 1200 year drought. Governor Brown has steadfastly neglected to respond to this unparalleled catastrophe in any meaningful way. More importantly, he has avoided addressing the root causes of this manmade disaster and subsequently manufactured water shortage. The following exposé reveals just the tip of the iceberg about this ongoing geoengineered drought.

California Now Slammed by a “Water” Enron: Again, Faked Shortages And The Bushes

Clearly, there is a treacherous and covert agenda being implemented 24/7 throughout the Golden State. The real question, then, is whether Governor Brown is wittingly advancing that agenda, or being used unwittingly to promote it. Either way he is still accountable for both the willful neglect and dangerous incompetence which has contributed to California’s deplorable condition.

When so many state residents are aware of and talking about California’s wretched state of affairs, how can the Governor be so clueless? He can’t miss the daily ritual of chemtrail-spraying over all the major urban areas, as well as the farmlands and forests, lakes and reservoirs. Why would any governor permit the slow-motion despoliation of the state? Were the people to be apprised of the ubiquitous geoengieering programs across the state, which routinely use chemtrails, surely they would object to their spraying and support the Governor’s efforts to terminate them.

The upshot of this hapless predicament is that, until the Governor comes clean regarding the clandestine geoengineering programs, he will have a growing number of very unhappy state residents to answer to. Rather than give into his corporate masters, all he needs to do is competently address the needs and wishes of his real masters — the people of California; otherwise, many forces will begin to conspire to make his position completely untenable, as the recent recall movement plans on doing.

Brown’s Signing of SB 277 May Have Sealed His Fate

Governor Brown made the egregious mistake of pushing the childhood vaccine bill. In so doing he has profoundly alienated a quite large and very zealous anti-vax crowd. So outraged are they by his approval that this sole political fiasco may be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Truly, if ever the normally astute Governor made a fateful political miscalculation, signing that vaccine legislation was it. Yes, Big Pharma and the U.S Government are on his side, but a HUGE number of Californians are not. Those anti-vax crusaders feel much more strongly about not having their children poked and pricked with needles oozing with toxic ingredients than the pro-vaxers feel about receiving their annual vaccine fix.

Brown’s major faux pas here was greatly underestimating the depth and breadth of anger which has been incited throughout the entire the anti-vax movement. We’re talking about REAL anger and outrage, ire and fury. This boiling sentiment will not cool down; it will only intensify for the remainder of brown’s term in office.

California has long been the bastion against forced vaccination programs. By signing off on SB 277, Governor Brown may have signed his own pink slip.


It must be remembered that the 2003 recall election of Democratic Governor Gray Davis successfully replaced him with the Republican political novice Arnold Schwarzenegger. This initiative was only undertaken because of the California electricity crisis which left state finances in disarray. Their was sufficient evidence of Davis’s culpability and ineptitude for the whole Enron price manipulation scandal having taken place on his watch to fuel the real effort.

Fast forward to 2015 and we see another governor who is clearly guilty of “gross mismanagement” of the California drought. On top of that ongoing debacle, he just signed a draconian vaccine law that will “Irreparably Harm The Children Of California”.

Californians Determined To RECALL Governor Jerry Brown
July 5, 2015


Governor Jerry Brown BETRAYS California Residents, Ignores Geoengineering Causes Of Historic California Drought

Governor Jerry Brown Irreparably Harms The Children Of California By Signing Draconian Vaccine Law

Jim Carrey says crazy Jerry must be stopped

US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic


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