Queen Elizabeth Reveals She Is Ready To Flee Britain


Queen Elizabeth stunned BBC production staff yesterday while preparing to deliver the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, hinting that she is planning to abdicate the throne and flee the UK, a BBC insider claims.

One is making the necessary preparations to abandon ship,’ Her Majesty said. ‘A violent storm is coming, the likes of which Britain has never seen.

BBC staff ‘stunned’

Her Majesty was speaking to her advisors while taking on the Parliament Robe of State and Imperial State Crown in the Robing Chamber, however she was already wearing a microphone and her comments were heard by the whole gallery.

She seemed angry that she had to remain neutral in her speech.  She said there is solid intelligence from military top brass that if we don’t Brexit there is an inevitable World War 3 scenario that will play out,’ the insider said.

World War 2 will seem like a bump in the road compared to this.  I must warn my subjects,’ the Queen said.

BBC cover up

The line was cut off at this point and BBC production staff were urgently addressed by the director John Kirby.  He said he had been warned by BBC executives that the Head of State had been ‘shooting her mouth off a lot lately‘ and that ‘we must all ignore, forget, delete from our memories everything that we heard.’

He said there wasn’t going to be a scandal on his watch.’

Queen Elizabeth’s abdication

What does Queen Elizabeth know that we don’t?  She is certainly privy to information that is kept from the public.  The possibility of a geopolitical conflict, culminating in World War 3, has been discussed by Britain’s politicians this past week.  By warning advisors that she has made the necessary preparations to flee the country, is she hinting that she has inside information of the darkest kind?


Seen first here


Is this really surprising? See post below

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All Roads Lead to Armageddon

All Roads Lead to Armageddon

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From Panama to Jerusalem by Christmas

By Anonymous Patriots

If you have read our previous articles on the military-industrial complex, you would have read about the Panama Papers with an understanding of how perfectly this uncovering plays right into the complex networks of intelligence that have agents in every major bank and political action group in the world.  The New World Order, One World Order, or the Transnational Globalist Republic is already in play and the leak in Panama is just another layer of the plan being shown to the world. This plan will lead to the King of Jerusalem being crowned and the bid for power over the land where Armageddon is predicted to take place.

Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?

Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex? Part II

The Elite Need a Massive Financial Infusion

The recent CIA leaks from the Panamanian Mossack-Fonseca offshore “all service” corporation is a perfect example of what two groups who are vying for world dominion are planning. The founders of this particular “all service” offshore banking corporation were well-known criminals. That is why the underbelly of the rich used their services. Mafias, criminals, political warlords, and common thugs were the intended target of this obvious CIA false flag event.

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2 Responses to Queen Elizabeth Reveals She Is Ready To Flee Britain

  1. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Hercolubus, the Second Sun this year?

    Hopefully that link gives us threads of optimism

    If it is coming in summer 2016, what Kameran Faily illuminati spokesman speaks of, and HM aboves violent storm comment.

    I wont he saying wow thankyou M’aam for warning us, you care after all.

    No, it should have been 30 or 40 years of warning, truth, openness, preparation. Not 2016 5 secs before midnight.

    Goto Hell


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