Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death

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All the world’s a stage,
 And all the men and women merely players; 
They have their exits and their entrances, 
And one man in his time plays many parts

William Shakespeare’


“You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.”  Jay Sebring

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How can a guy sing like John Lennon, play all the instruments John Lennon played, look like John Lennon would have most likely looked at this age, have identifying marks like John Lennon and not be John Lennon? That is why the picture was pulled.

John Lennon

Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death, Mark Staycer or John Lennon? This has been a theory from the very beginning, as most people know, but all the proof I have seen upto now isn’t completely convincing. What we normally see is a lot of speculation about the alleged shooting in December of 1980. Many discrepancies have indeed been found, but I will not repeat them(except for a couple in my endnotes). I find more recent photographic evidence to be far easier andquicker to compile—and more convincing at a glance, as it were—so that is what I will show you here. All this evidence is based on research I did myself. I am not repeating the work of anyone else and Itake full responsibility for everything here. If it appeals to you, great. If not, feel free to dismiss it. That is completely up to you, and if you don’t agree, fine. When I say “proof” in my title, I mean it is proof enough for me. I no longer have a reasonable doubt.

This paper wouldn’t have been possible if John had stayed well hidden, but as it turns out he still likes to play in public. Being a bit of an actor, and always being confident is his ability to manipulate the public, John decided to just do what he wanted to do, covering it just enough to fool most people. This he has done, but he hasn’t fooled me.

The biggest clues come from a little indie film from Toronto about Lennon called Let Him Be,*released in 2009, with clips still up on youtube as of 2014. It is chock full of big red flags. The first red flag is the title, which is a prominent part of the psychological operation (psy-op). The film is a pretend hunt for a living John Lennon, but the message is there in the title: let him be! “He sn’t stil lalive; but even if he is, let him be!” In the film, they tell you they have found a guy who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age. And in the interviews for the film, they tell you they have found a Lennon impersonator who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age, to play the part in the film. So they have an actor named Mark Staycer playing a character named Noel Snow who other characters think may be John Lennon. So we have a bluff inside a bluff inside a bluff. Inside a bluff. The film is basically a psy-op that backfired and had to be suppressed. They produce these things to take you close to the truth and then ricochet you off on some tangent. But they took you so close to the truth the ricochet didn’t work. That’s why the movie is now being buried.


Another film from 2009 is meeting the same fate. Anthony DiMaria produced a 2009 film called Sebring, about Jay Sebring of Manson murders fame. Although it starred Dennis Hopper, it was either never released or was quickly pulled from the shelves—as we are seeing with Let Him Be.]

A similar psy-op is the title of one of the songs he sings in the film: I Was There (the lyrics of which we will analyze in detail below). That song title works as both an inside joke and a psy-op. It is a joke because John is a joker. He likes to fuck with you. He is telling you “I was there” right to your face, singing it over and over, and daring you to understand what it means. But it is a psy-op because he knows most people won’t dare. Most people won’t see what is right in front of them and he knows it. So it makes him feel powerful. Is that Mark Staycer singing “I was there” or is it John Lennon singing “I was there”? Well, who was there? Not Mark Staycer. We will come back to this clue a bit later, after we look at some others.

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HELP! Do you want to know a Secret?

Paul McCartney is Twins by Miles Mathis

First published April 20, 2016

As usual, this is just my personal opinion, based on private research Actually, I had help on this one. “A friend from Colorado”, as he wishes to be called, did some of the initial research on this, and did a great job. I was busy with other papers, and wasn’t as interested in this subject as he was, so I gave him the hint and sent him off to look for clues and photos. As he said to me, “It wasn’t as hard as I thought. As you have told us, the truth is hiding in plain sight”. Actually, it was my Elvis paper that solved this one for me. You may remember it was there that I gave all my readers the hint, telling them the solution to the Paul McCartney mystery was twins. As my Colorado friend put it after he figured it out: “all these people pushing the Faul theory must either be very bad researchers, or they are publishing purposeful misdirection”. I said, “It is mostly the latter”. As we saw with the JFK “assassination”, the alternative theories create just as much confusion as the mainstream theory, or more. But let’s get right to it. Paul is admitted to have a brother Mike. He has gone by the name Mike McGear since the 1960s. But we are told Mike is 18 months younger. Problem is, Mike McGear looks nothing like Mike McCartney. They simply hired Mike McGear and said he was Mike McCartney, but he wasn’t.

Paul I

Paul II

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Ringo says paul McCartney died in 1966

Paul McCartney says Ring is senile (or Billy Shears says it! 🙂

The bottom line dear friends, the Beatles were British M-16 And Sir Paul is a knight!


A Beautiful Mind-No Another Ugly Project


A beautiful mind


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Miles Mathis: ‘Why I think Kevin MacDonald and the Occidental Observer are Controlled Opposition’


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John Lennon, let him be

Abraham Lincoln And The Crisis Actors (It Seems Lincoln Knew He Was Dying Before The Election)

Some of these go way back in time. John Wilkes Booth and his brothers were actors! The shooting took place in a theatre, The United States appropriated Ford Theatre after this paying him $100,000 dollars. Ford wasn’t quite as lucky as Lucky Larry Silverstein. All of this prevented further analysis. Does that sound familiar? Lincoln knew he was dying before the election, his handlers wanted to elect Andrew Johnson from Tennessee but knew he was un-electable. The fix was in, Lincoln is elected and then bows out. Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth were both chosenites. Secretary of State Sewell was supposedly killed simultaneously with Lincoln. John Powell did not want to be part of a fake trial and he left the country to go and be a papal zouave/guard and guard the pope!


Shoah Time


If you have gotten this far, your life should be changed forever.


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