Banned in Britain : The Zionist Conspiracy and the UK Government

“Link download from…
Thank you Peter for the knowledge.

Entitled :- Zionist Jew converts to Catholicism and exposes Jewish Conspiracy
In this speech given in Washington D.C. at the Willard Hotel in 1961, Benjamin Freedman who was born a Jew but converted to the Catholic Faith, exposes the Zionist Jew Conspiracy and his involvement in it.

Peter has had his video blocked in some countries and has provided another link:

They don’t want you to know this.

Yet again more conspiracies, it’s 44 minutes long, it’s not the most fun your going to have, but if like me, are confused by the conflict in the Middle East and the Israel question, this will answer some major questions.

From Tony Blair to Tony Blair 2.0, the realisation that these guys are truly screwing us, is revealed. Use this as just one example of the corruption at the heart of government, and research. It’s out there and don’t be angry as that is what they wish, stop your drinking, your drug taking and find the strength to stand up. No time to feel sorry for yourself, it’s now or never. In 2015 you have a chance to stop this Rot. Vote sensible and please not David Cameron or Ed Miliband as they represent the same thing.

And for the haters and doubters. Before you shoot your mouth, do you have children, do you wont them to go to War. The next time they might get away with it again.

7 Nations, all at this present time the CIA operatives are supporting al-Qaeda, African and Middle East Leader’s with the aim to destabilise. They will give money and resource to who ever will carry out their dirty politics. And so the hate goes on.”


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