Vaxxed Set To Show In China-Cannes And Taiwan





Earlier post – Saudi Arabia is committing genocide in Yemen
Neutron bomb used on Yemen (photos composite)

Dr. Evil RUNS AWAY from Vaxxed producer, Del Bigtree

10 05 2016

Dr Pan Ran! Run, Pan Run!

Story with details of this coward on-the-take-state-senator running away from Del Bigtree and his crew – People for Informed Consent report-


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Note: We can assume the debate will never happen!

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Vaxxed Set to Screen in China and Show at Cannes


VarietyControversial Documentary ‘Vaxxed’ Poised for China Release

Controversial documentary “Vaxxed” is poised to get a release in China, a territory which has recently undergone a massive public health scandal relating to vaccinations.

Cinema Libre Studio has entered into a partnership with China’s Gaia Studio for a significant expansion of the film’s U.S. theatrical release. “Gaia Studio also expects to distribute the film in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as soon as possible,” . . . (more)

“The film will also be screened at the Cannes Film Market.”

vaxxed resources

Earlier post – Saudi Arabia is committing genocide in Yemen
Neutron bomb used on Yemen (photos composite)


In other news

Vaccines: The New Government Attack On Pregnant Women (Agenda 21 Population Reduction)



Behind The Green Mask



Nurse Sues Hospital for 100 Million Over Loss Of Job Due To Flu Shots

Time for the killers to back off

Flu shot vaccines have recently been linked to Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a disorder in which a person’s body attacks its own nerves. Symptoms can appear anywhere from one day to several weeks after the vaccine.


Let’s Be Honest-We’re All Screwed


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2 Responses to Vaxxed Set To Show In China-Cannes And Taiwan

  1. flyingcuttlefish says:

    I would quit a job before letting them inject me! You can’t take it back if they get anything inside you!


  2. Yeah me too. Cancer is the same bullshit Fish. Doc told me my thyroid hormone was quite normal and very little chance of cancer. I told him not to worry, cancer doesn’t happen for me. Grape seed extract, graviola and ginger happen for me, it is all bullshit. The doctor started laughing as he knew I was in on the scam.

    Wealthy women get breast cancer because they have the money for continous mamograms and xrays. I know some this happened too.


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