Let’s Be Honest-We’re All Screwed

Policy fail

I seriously do not know what will wake up the sleeping sheeple.  I point out chemtrails to people and they simply say “I don’t believe it” or “they can’t control weather” or “they would never do this to us..”

We are dying, our Earth is dying.  Being silent now is an act of Cowardice and Betrayal. Enuf. Said.

Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Disintegration, And Programmed Societal Apathy

The forests are dying, the oceans are dying, the Earth is dying, and even at this late hour the vast majority of first world societies remain completely immersed in total denial and apathy that is manifested in many forms. The ever growing list of extreme weather events and unfolding global die-offs are not discussed or disclosed by the power structure owned and controlled corporate media machine of mass distraction. Though climate engineering is aggressively denied by the criminal media cabals, it is real, ongoing, and lethal to all life.

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. Malcolm X

Industrialized/militarized civilization is in its death throes, the pounding of the planet by the covert climate engineering assault is a testimony to the near total loss of sanity in modern society. Every breath we take is now toxic, air particulate pollution is taking an immense toll on human health. The largest source of this atmospheric pollution, climate engineering, is systematically denied by the central banker controlled so called “experts” whose paid for opinions societies blindly accept. Those who dare to even mention the truth often face draconian consequences from a societal system that has in so many ways abandoned any sense of reason or morality.


Geoengineering atmospheric aerosol dispersion with very visible radio frequency exposure. Palm Springs, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan

While criminal leaders seek the expansion of empire, the point of no return for life on Earth has potentially already been passed. The primary objective of the facade global climate conferences is to covertly force countries to accept the ongoing and expanding climate engineering insanity. The long term goal to limit global average temperature rise to 2C (set only last year at the Paris climate conference, 2015), may possibly be officially exceeded only one year from the date of the conference, 2016. Rapidly worsening global droughts are decimating ecosystems and populations. In regard to the epic droughts, climate engineering is verifiably the single greatest causal factor (also fueling forest fires like the catastrophic inferno currently burning in Canada), yet, again, this fact is completely ignored or blatantly denied by the corporate media, academia, and their paid for “experts”. To control the water supply is to control populations.


of course they’ve been actually doing this for decades now.

Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering

Ge spice project

And remember it is all



Maybe it is better to take the long view like Mother Shipton

Mother Shipton (When The Dragon’s Tail Goes Sweeping By-Kalki)


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3 Responses to Let’s Be Honest-We’re All Screwed

  1. frances says:

    Correct – those doing the screwing count on those who are oblivious to being screwed, happy in their ‘bubbles’, dismissing any suggestions of skulduggery (false-flags, geoengineering…) as conspiracies. To bring up these topics is a great way to alienate yourself! I’m 66, now living in a rural area, but during my childhood, we lived under a main flight path to Heathrow – I didn’t grow up with abnormally hazy skies full of criss-cross trails that have become so commonplace recently. Seeing our blue sky stolen fills me with despair.
    Thank you for your wide-ranging, insightful posts.


    • What is happening is pretty unreal, they are spraying them down in Paraguay also and Now Cuba supposedly fro zika.

      Love Germans living well, then have fun in Paraguay with the many there from 3 generations and the most entrepreneurs who know the Merkel God ever. But Paraguay has the world’s largest U.S. Embassy and mafia without end where you can buy protection know. Enough creamed off has this woman Yes sure… The U.S. Embassy, is also responsible to evaluate the symptoms, the soldiers in the name query the message on the streets, after toxic spraying. Paraguay is a laboratory in which several times a year in mass poison sprays. Poison, which is volatile, detaches himself from odours, or has no more. So neomand noticed when it caught one. Soluble in water. Poison which supposedly to kill mosquitoes but brings people to cancer and organ failure. Precursors, such as flu symptoms with a huge headache and then fiber and skin rash called dengue today as Zika. The poison deformed babies and kills. It’s the same poison which you rats sexualized Homo to wipe them out. Worst cancer produiert of the Poisons and not just rats can get, but it is sprayed in kitchens, houses in schools and universities. Everywhere in squares and streets. the country is totally poisoned. Genocid. If my daughter were not there, I would say a brilliant country for Merkel. She will, probably, then take antidote to the poison as the ruling. I know but entrepreneurs, do that and are also regularly sick, because it’s not measurable, how much poison is and this poison in the human body simply is not destructible.

      Sind Angela Merkel und Sarkozy CIA-Agenten? | volksbetrug.net



  2. soldier4yahshuah says:

    Hi Mick, I know a lot that is going on, I’m wide awake – a “watchman on the wall” and preparing. I am alerting others but what I say is like the wind smacking against their faces and its gone in seconds. Most are shills who know nothing better than to scoff and the others love burying their heads in the sand.
    What can I do? What can we all do? For we are not dealing with humans, we are dealing with demonic beings who look like us and they are holding the power on earth but I assure myself “not for long” for the end will be violent for Them and there will be a new beginning for most of us “humans” – A Beautiful Beginning – It’s not a dream – It’s not Shangri La – It’s very Real – Hope is our future – Just as a person without a vision is lost so also lost is a person without Hope … So Hope to see you there!!
    Meantime make the best of your time with your ducks – Wish I could meet them I’m a lover of nature My friends are squirrels and birds(the singers of nature) here at home and the hundreds of Canadian geese in the park, I love feeding them. The squirrels scratch on my door when they are hungry – I just love them all.


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