My Pet Ducks

These are my pet ducks and very close friends. There is actually an MVI file video of this but those type files will not load on wordpress. I am calling them up here somewhat like Tarzan calls the elephants, except I just go quack quack. They are coming across the spring, one of two in the lake. You can see the clear spot in the spring behind them.

My pet ducks are wild guinea ducks. There are 3 other tame ones in the lake and they know I do not think much of them as the one white one is constantly trying to rape the black female guinea duck. I had to pull him off her on two occasions as he had her neck in his bill and her head pinned to the ground.

The two guinea ducks consider me their protector. They stood beside me as if laughing and saying to the other three ducks as they ran away “you don’t want any of this”!

The female guinea duck will come up to my leg as you can see below and if I don’t get the bread to her fast enough she will grab my shorts and pull on them. She once pecked my chin and left a bruise. She is trusts me implicitly and is convinced that she can intimidate me! They don’t like stale bread either, it has to be fresh or they will eat one bite and walk away!

Calling Spring


This is the white duck and his compadre in crime, he is the rapist walking around by the pomegranate bush.  They left upon my appearance.



Below is the little female and she is getting very impatient as if OK where is the bread, you are not moving fast enough.

IMG_0011 (1)

Preparing to nail me! 🙂

IMG_0012 (1)

They are laughing as the other three ducks run away. They will sometimes sit and relax by me as I sit in the deck chair.

IMG_0014 (1)


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2 Responses to My Pet Ducks

  1. Doublespeak Ted says:

    They’re so adorable, the joy of nature. Beautiful neighborhood Dub.


  2. They stopped in this morning for more bread. It is hilarious when they wag their tails like a dog when they are glad to see you.


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