Cardinal Brienne And Napoleon Were Jewish

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The French Revolution

by Miles Mathis

First published May 1, 2016

As usual, this is my personal opinion, arrived at by private researchSince I have recently published a long paper on Napoleon, we know what to look for here: indication the French Revolution was not a republican revolution, but a coup against the Aristocracy and Church by the financiers,hiding behind republican fronts and stories.You will say that as an investigator, I should enter this research with no preconceptions. But given what we now know about history since the Renaissance, that wouldn’t be “objective”, it would just be foolish. In the absence of evidence, you make no assumptions. But with evidence piled up around you in mountains, your assumption should be that any new question that looks like old questions will be answered in the same way.As usual, I will start at Wikipedia, using it as indication of the latest misdirection. We will then link out from there to other sources.It doesn’t take long to find confirmation of that thesis, since we quickly come upon Loménie de Brienne. To deal with a major financial crisis, King Louis XVI called an Assembly of Notables in1787. Its head was Brienne, at the time an Archbishop and later a Cardinal. Not only was Brienne head of this Assembly, he soon replaced Calonne as finance minister of France. He dissolved the Assembly just a few months after it was convened, making sure it achieved nothing.

Lomenie de Brienne

Who was this Loménie de Brienne? Well, the Brienne is the clue, although you aren’t ever told that. The “de” tells us he was from Brienne, and there was nothing of importance in Brienne except the Château we studied in my previous paper on Napoleon. Napoleon later went to school there. What we found beyond that was that this Brienne-le- Château was an age-old hide-out of prominent crypto-Jewsin France, with ties to the thrones of Sweden and Poland (through the family Vasa—remember that, itis about to come up again), the military academies, and everything else. So we may assume this Loménie de Brienne was the same sort of person. In support of that assumption, we find it very difficult to get any information about Loménie de Brienne’s early life or genealogy. As with all these Brienne people, they have scrubbed their bios very thoroughly, telling you only what they want you to know. But regardless, you should ask why Brienne would be appointed ministre principalin August of that year. Louis had claimed he would never have a prime minister, but this was pretty much the same thing under a variant title. Why would anyone appoint the Archbishop of Toulouse as either the head of the Assembly or principal minister? According to the history, they needed a financial expert, not an expert on ecclesiastical matters. All this combines to tell us Brienne was a financial expert: despite being an Archbishop, he was one of the top Jewish financiers in France. Which of course confirms myfirst guess. You will say that as an Archbishop or Cardinal, Brienne couldn’t have been Jewish. But in my previous paper on Napoleon we found Napoleon’s uncle was a Cardinal. I showed that both he and Napoleon were probably Jewish. And inmy paper on the Kabbalah, I showed you much evidence the de’ Medicis were Jewish. Since they put several Popes in the Vatican, these Popes were also Jewish.Historian John Hardman confirms this connection of Brienne to some hidden cabal, though in a cloaked and backhanded way. On page 128 of his book on Louis XVI, he says,What Maurepas and Vergennes had sought indirectly, through the title Chef du Conseil, had come to Brienne directly. Yes, and why is that? How was Brienne able to waltz into such a position? The mainstream history not only never answers that, it never asks that. Which lack of a question is a clue itself. When Castries and Ségur (secretaries of state) resigned soon after, Brienne’s brother the Comte [Count] de Brienne took the position of Ségur as War Secretary.

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The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically)

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts … Shakespeare

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