“We Jews know how bitter is escape” “Wir Juden wissen, wie bitter Flucht ist “

 Ronald S. Lauder, 71, (links) ist Präsident des Jüdischen Weltkongresses (WJC). Dr. Josef Schuster, 61, ist Präsident des Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland und Vizepräsident des WJC
Yeah these buggers look pretty compassionate alright

Stuffed animals and tents are not enough. The newcomers must understand our Western values. The security of Israel belongs to the German State as well as the memory of the Shoah.

The images opposite hardly might: on the one hand, citizens who receive exhausted refugees with willingness on the other side of neo-Nazis, the “foreigners out” yell and throw incendiary on accommodation.

And yet: we‘re glad that there are far more people welcome the refugees as those who openly reject them.

We experience spontaneous involvement of citizens, and also many decisions of the bureaucracy fall just very quickly. All of this was not common long. This rightly arouses sympathies worldwide.

Complaints for years, Germany don’t understand as a country of immigration, there is no culture of welcome. In the face of the overwhelming commitment in these days that‘s not true obviously.

Towards an open society

The Jewish community in Germany and around the world, welcomed this development towards an open society. It is in our best interest. Just Jews have often have to make in the past the bitter experience of flight, expulsion and emigration.

In the 20th century, Jews were often closed borders the Evian Conference of 1938 is in worse memory, 1939, with more than 900 mostly Jewish people on board to land the passenger ship “St. Louis” as President Roosevelt’s decision to let and instead back to send it to Europe.

These days, many people from Syria and the Iraq flee because they fear for their lives because of their religious affiliation.

These refugees have been through bad. Who should have because more understanding for them than us Jews?

Praise Turkey for their receptiveness

The majority of refugees from Syria or the Iraq come to Europe. Main host country is not Germany. There are Turkey and Jordan, which have already several million refugees.

Once the Ottoman Empire accepted the Jews, who were expelled from Spain. In the NAZI period, many Jews also found refuge in Turkey. The country just this humane tradition and deserves our respect and our support.

The massive refugee flows are a major challenge for Europe. There should be not only a fair distribution of the newcomers, but also long-term help. With the approaching winter, the refugees need permanent quarters. It is not done with tents or pretzels, and stuffed animals.

Those who initially cannot return to their home country, must be made familiar with our Western values. In Germany, this means to respect the Constitution and to acknowledge that Israel’s security is one of the German State as well as the memory of the Shoah.

These refugees are brave people

Politicians and citizens dedicated to refugees will need staying power. Because the images of sympathetic Germany must not obscure that there is another side to the coin. Continue to be perpetrated attacks on refugee accommodation, and in the next elections will show whether certain parties can make political capital out of the refugee crisis.

Germany receives thousands of refugees

Welcome to culture

Germany receives thousands of refugees with joy

Most of the refugees are brave people. They are grateful here to can live in security with us and want to give back to their host country. We should give them that chance. In Judaism it says: Whoever saves a single life, saves the whole world.

Last Sunday, Pope Franziskus called the Catholic parishes throughout Europe, each take up a refugee family. The message is the same: we all have to take up this challenge together.

If all make their contribution, can be helped not only the refugees, but also a better understanding between peoples and religions be able.

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