More Saturday Night Live: ‘The Propaganda Against The Poor UK’


This was one of the more lurid pieces of propaganda to pop up there. Tales of appeasement by Neville Chamberlain.

German assets in Whitehall?

He babbles on about the compression ratio of airplanes, then stumbles into a beat down of UK pop TV shows.

Of course this is all bullshit. All of the wars involving the west were engineered by the poor UK along of course with their overlords in the vatican.

The “mainstream alternative news” has become a cesspool which is dodging reality almost as bad as the real lame stream media. It is like Stalin said:




Roth `owners



The US Constitution Gave Legal Ownership And Control Of The United States To The London Crown Temple And It Is Not Taught In Public Schools Nor Institutes Of Higher Learning


More Saturday Night Live: Stone Age King With The Y-Chromosome Responsible For Civilization-All Lives Matter-He Was The Chosen


Stay Tuned For Saturday Night Live: Brought To You By Stephen ‘London Is Innocent’ Lendman And Mike ‘No Change’ Rivero


London Lendman Joins Hands With Paul Craig ‘Washington’ Roberts

Once Again Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts Hears His Master’s Call


Paul Craig “Washington Roberts” Doesn’t Know Who Is Training American Police


A good disinformation specialist in the mainstream alternative news is supposed to mix in truth with wizardry but some of these are looking like they are running on fumes!


Rumors That Merkel Has A Ranch In Paraguay Near Bush-The Merkel Rocky Horror Show Did Not Play Well In Germany


What To Do With Germany-Do They Deserve Extinction?

What kind of mind advocates the total destruction of the German people, justifying it by wars they have themselves created? In the diatribe above eugenic sterilization is discussed using simple surgical techniques such as cutting the fallopian tubes, serum treatments, vasectomies, German children distributed throughout the world considered too risky, forcing German men to live in devastated areas for 20 years and only allowing them to marry local women, compulsory migration. Portions of this plan are indeed taking place as we speak, Merkel has a new plan.

I will tell you the kind of mind that dreams up these nightmares, the same ones who have forced Palestinian children to lose the will to live, the same ones responsible for crusades, heresy, witch burning, starving 5 million Bengalis to death and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. 12,000 Boer women and children starved in Rothschild open air pen in South Africa. 5 million Germans starved in an open air pen after the war was over by Eisenhower and the jesuits. Does the old cliche, you will stick together or die separately ring a bell?

The Cherokee Trail Of Tears

This reservation thing seems to work every time.

Mons Vaticanus: Sovereign Satanic City State of The Dead, Nazi-Pope’s & Whore of Babylon


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