Merkel Branded ‘Pianist on Board the Titanic’ as Her Authority Sinks


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been described as “the pianist on board the Titanic” by senior lawmaker – and former minister – Peter Ramsauer, who says her handling of the refugee crisis has made her unelectable in the 2017 vote for Chancellor.

He said anyone who thought the result was anything other than a disaster was deceiving themselves. Merkel described the vote as a “difficult day.” Ramsauer told Die Welt:

“This reminds me of the pianists on the Titanic. They played to the end but were flooded anyway. Whoever now speaks beautifully about the election results in the same way makes people more furious.”


He said the fortunes of the CSU were being pulled down by Merkel, who leads the Christian Democratic party (CDU), said his party would be better distancing itself from the German Chancellor. Asked if Merkel was the one to stand for re-election in the 2017 federal vote, Ramsauer said:

“When I ask my local chairman whether they would be prepared in 17 months’ time to display Merkel posters, I see only long faces. I understand this position. These people are on the front line and are no longer willing to participate in her policies.”

Merkel’s Demise

Merkel has come in for severe criticism at home over her open doors policy to refugees, which initially brought her plaudits. However, the sheer volume of migrants arriving in Germany has caused major strains in many German states, with asylum seekers creating a burden on local authorities. More than 1.1 million entered Germany in 2015 alone.


Merkel has refused to bend for calls to cap the total number of refugees Germany will take this year, causing anger in Bavaria, where CSU Party leader and minister President Horst Seehofer has had to deal with the flood of migrants coming over the border from Austria. Following the CDU/CSU Union’s poor performance in this week’s regional elections, Seehofer said:

“We should tell people that we get it and that we will draw the consequences from this election result.”

Merkel’s falling popularity has been accelerated by her isolating Germany within Europe.

Her plans to relocate refugees across all 28 member states according to a mandatory quota system have met with huge opposition — particularly from Central European states.

Her calls for a pan-European response to the crisis — keeping open the border inside the Schengen zone — have been ignored as country after country closed their borders. Her deal with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to stem the migrant flows in return for a one-for-one migrant swap and accelerated membership of the EU has been widely criticized and she is unlikely to see it ratified at the next European Council summit which begins March 17.


And what did they expect? Germans need to awaken from their slumber and realize they are targets of genocide by the khazar mafia. She is a product of the CDU (catholic democratic union) She is a soldier of Rome, Mons Vatanicus, the satanic city of the dead-whore of Babylon

Merkel The Red Footsoldier


What To Do With Germany-Do They Deserve Extinction?

What kind of mind advocates the total destruction of the German people, justifying it by wars they have themselves created? In the diatribe above eugenic sterilization is discussed using simple surgical techniques such as cutting the fallopian tubes, serum treatments, vasectomies, German children distributed throughout the world considered too risky, forcing German men to live in devastated areas for 20 years and only allowing them to marry local women, compulsory migration. Portions of this plan are indeed taking place as we speak, Merkel has a new plan.

I will tell you the kind of mind that dreams up these nightmares, the same ones who have forced Palestinian children to lose the will to live, the same ones responsible for crusades, heresy, witch burning, starving 5 million Bengalis to death and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. 12,000 Boer women and children starved in Rothschild open air pen in South Africa. 5 million Germans starved in an open air pen after the war was over by Eisenhower and the jesuits. Does the old cliche, you will stick together or die separately ring a bell?

The Cherokee Trail Of Tears

This reservation thing seems to work every time.

Mons Vaticanus: Sovereign Satanic City State of The Dead, Nazi-Pope’s & Whore of Babylon


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