Putin Cuts Off Estonian Politician At The Knees: We Are Not Going To Keep Apologizing

In this excerpt, an Estonian journalist accuses Putin of not apologising for historical wrongdoing. She’s quickly put in her place – Russia has apologised in the past, and it has moved on.

For politicians, it’s time to do something constructive, rather than revert to obsolete matters.

(Maybe I didn’t get the best grades at university because I drunk a lot of beer in my free time)


We all know it is customary for politicians these days to continually demand apologies for anything that happened 1000 years ago the eternal victims did not agree with.


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6 Responses to Putin Cuts Off Estonian Politician At The Knees: We Are Not Going To Keep Apologizing

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Didn’t he go to Jesuit school, after University? Cheers Jamie


  2. You laughed didn’t you?

    Jamie some of the fun in blogging, I got a hit from Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, no doubt due to the Genghis Khan post.


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  3. hirundine608 says:

    I admire the way he took the question and ran with it … No, whitewashing or appeasements. Other than to quote the, what was it? The 1989 meetings of Supreme Soviet … whatever. They consider it was an illegal move of Molotov- Ribbentrop blah, blah. So not knowing who the ginger was, in that clip? Probably an Estonian fanatic of some sort? She tried, he stalled and hopefully they’ll look toward the future? Though once a Jesuit, always one. Another organization, you don’t just leave.

    I must say that either Mr.Putin actually drank less beer than alluded, or he was well prepped by his staff? For the incoming question. And, oh yeah! I laughed. I laugh at a lot that comes up in your blogs. But only at the content. For it’s quite, quite, obvious that you are a sincere and intelligent person.Cheers Jamie.


  4. Putin was tipped off the British were going to kill him, was tipped off and did not go to London. He was a royal arch freemason, never a jesuit. In those days with the British and rome actually running communism in the USSR, one had to be white hall mason in order to be a spy.

    mk ultra mind control program; run by MI6 and sanctioned by Royal Arch Freemasonry. No idea that they would be forced to sign the Masonic ‘Sat B’hai’ contract and swear allegiance to the Monarchy rather than to the UK State. No idea at all, in fact.

    Gordievsky was a Royal Arch Freemason and one of the Russian Chapter. He had negotiated photographs of the new Royal Arch Freemasonry recruits, within the KGB — to be sent to MI5.

    Vladimir Putin had lost his job as KGB controller of the Stasi in East Berlin. There was a famine in St Petersburg and the KGB owed their employees several months of salaries. Whole families were starving in the cities (foodstuffs had been held up in the ports) and Vladimir Putin’s own family was no exception to this rule.

    No one really knew who was working for which agency or which agency was allied to whom, in what turned out to be a ‘smash and grab’ bun fight.

    Putin needed safe passage for himself and his family out of a situation in St Petersburg which was rapidly deteriorating. Scarlett had agreed to set up a new identity for him in the UK as a teacher of German (Putin had native-speaker fluency) in exchange for…well, this bit is unclear.

    Scarlett was to renege on this deal. Why? MI5 (for reasons of their own) had decided to torture and then murder Mr Putin as soon as he set foot on British soil. He was dispensible. They had most of the information that they needed and were not going to honour any deal.

    In brief, Vladmir Putin had been chosen as a DNA sperm donor within this Royal ‘zygote’ project and had then been ordered by the Masonic body to copulate with various British female agents, whilst in Berlin. The zygotes were then ‘collected’ and the young woman involved, was subsequently murdered.

    You should read it



  5. hirundine608 says:

    Yeah, I’ve read it. Some months ago.

    I actually have a hard time believing info about these people. Nobody’s allowed to spill the beans. Least of all, level four’s about to become “little illuminati”? Honestly? it is my belief that you do not go to jesuit school, unless they are quite certain of your allegiances. … but what do I know?

    I know that for yourself, dublinsmick. Mr. Putin is something of a hero for you? I’m not prepared to go that far. I’m a more of “they’re all in it together”, type. I read a lot of stuff on the internet. But my reading is more out of an interest, than a conviction.

    If Mr. Putin does turn out to be the saviour looked for? Then I’ll be among the first to applaud. Yet, honestly? So far, the squib is a dud.

    “In those days with the British and rome actually running communism in the USSR, one had to be white hall mason in order to be a spy”. [sic]

    Do you really consider this to have changed? Cheers Jamie.


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