More Saturday Night Live: Stone Age King With The Y-Chromosome Responsible For Civilization-All Lives Matter-He Was The Chosen

Single Bronze Age ‘king’ responsible for half of western European men

My advice is to be country strong. They tried to lure Putin into the Babylonian cult!

Hold The Presses As This One Is Big!-Putin Calls World Elite Cold Blooded Hybrids Who Are Less Than Human-Maintains They Even Tried To Lure Him Into Their Cult


Could this Bronze Age skeleton be the ultimate grandpa? © Juan Medina
It’s good to be the king. One man, thought to be a monarch, used his potent baby batter to change the course of history four thousand years ago, after scientists discovered a genetic link to half of all men with western European heritage living today.

Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute don’t know who it was or where exactly he lived, but they believe advancements in metallurgy, war, and wheel technology created a boom of elite nobles who partially ‘purified’ humanity’s bloodline, according to a study published in Nature Genetics this week.

Looking at the Y chromosome, which is only passed from father to son, 1,200 men from 26 populations helped scientists trace back four millennia of mutations to a single ancestor.

“Wheeled transport, metal working, and organized warfare are all candidate explanations that can now be investigated further,” Dr Chris Tyler-Smith told The Telegraph.

Coming out of the Stone Age, the chieftain and his descendants controlled the population and reproduction through a new hierarchical system of powerful elites which, much like his bloodline, continues to this day.

The study also proved that all of us, no matter what race, nationality, or religion, are cousins from Africa, as 100 percent of the men tested descend from just one man who lived 190,000 years ago, more than a centamillennium before humanoids left Africa to explore the planet.

Given his need to attract a lot of females, we suspect he looked something like this.

Could this mean a merging of the #AllLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter movements?

There are a few modern examples of men trying to reproduce their ancestor’s success.

King Abumbi II from Cameroon inherited his father’s 72 wives when he died in 1968 and today has close to 100 spouses and 500 children. Busy man.

Genghis Khan was another notorious mass impregnater with an estimated one to two thousand children. Today, eight percent of those living in his former empire are thought to have a little bit of Khan in their DNA.

Sperm donors have contributed an untold number of children to the planet, including one man who claims he helped create 150 children, thanks to a US law that doesn’t limit the frequency of donations.

The law does require that you tell people who the sperm belongs to, which is why Dr Cecil Jacobson ended up in prison and lost his license after he slipped his own little swimmers into what is thought to be dozens of women at his clinic in Utah.

And in a case of dumb luck, versus intentional breeding, 18th century Russian peasant Feodor Vassilyev fathered 87 children, including 22 sets of twins. To her credit, his first wife gave birth to 69 of them – and they’re both in the Guinness Book of Records.

Remember how good is was when you gave birth to Chris?


The Magic Gene jumps out of the box once again.

Hitler and Napoleon belonged to the Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b blood grouping and is very rare in Germany and western Europe. Genetic tests were performed by Ronny Decorte, genetics expert at katholieke Universiteit Leuven  on Hitler’s current living relatives and Der Fuhrer would not have been a happy camper.



Adolph Hitler Founder Of Israel, DNA Test Confirms Jewish Genes, Rabbi Marvin Antelman Claims Hitler’s Mother Klara Polzl Conceived In Tisha B’av Sexual Rite


More on the Neanderthal Y-DNA, haplogroup E1B1b gene. If you have it, come on down to the pawn shop and get your free gift card.





You can take over entire parliaments!



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7 Responses to More Saturday Night Live: Stone Age King With The Y-Chromosome Responsible For Civilization-All Lives Matter-He Was The Chosen

  1. hirundine608 says:

    … and the other half, Genghis Khan?


  2. hirundine608 says:

    The thing about the Khan, is that his DNA also shows up in a lot of Europeans. You likely already know this? So, it was a little satirical with the comment. My own personal opinion without anything to back it up, is that i feel much history is older than this bronze age skeleton.

    That’s another thing. Who goes around digging up such gory things? Can’t we just let the earth hang onto what is buried?

    Juan Medina/Reuters/ You’ve gotta’ be kiddin’? Reuters? The in-house Rothschild bi***es? And the Genghis thing? It is already said they did not write down their history. So, where does this story come from?

    The captain, does have his own agenda. I always enjoy his posts.

    Is it another illusion, maybe? Really? I do not care so much about the past. I am more concerned for the future. A future that can see transcendence from Kaliyug into Satyug. Dwelling on the past. History is just another illusion. One that does not help me, despite the allure.
    Cheers Jamie.


  3. Yeah that post on the Khan mentions he had grey eyes.
    I was looking at one in the Harappa site, the I saw this.

    “Modelling such as this was unknown to the ancient world up to the Hellenistic age of Greece,”

    How ridiculous, maybe unknown because they can’t read. That is a FOX news type site that tries to tie everything into the Greek civilization. The oldest written records show how this was possible.


  4. There are instances where I cannot possibly agree with Ajit, such as once a human one is always a human. The earth is a low level planet, where animals are gifted with a human form. Some are too violent having been for instance a lion or tiger in a past existence. They go back to that or sit it out in the astral for millions of years.

    Also the idea that vimana was strictly the inventions of those of the Indus Valley is erroneous. It is nice to build the confidence of the oppressed people now in India, but that is just not true. Overall however he does some great research.

    No we don’t want to dwell too much on the past however the past present and future are all part of the holographic whole which is our universe. Most of us don’t know the future anyway. And there is the old admonishment of those who do not know history are surely to repeat it. 🙂


  5. hirundine608 says:

    Yeah, Mick, you’re right and when you’r e right? Bearing the past in mind. Maybe too much is bought to bear, when people could be moving forward. Ever been behind a driver that’s always looking in that rear-view mirror? They seem to make lousy drivers. I do not know the future. Yet I do not either really know, or buy into, the past. Especially a past bought to us by Reuters or FOX. But, yes! You’re right. Even when knowing history, many are bound to repeat it. Cheers Jamie.


  6. My theory is best to know all you possibly can about past, present and future! 🙂 It is all a hologram


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