Next Time You Have A Problem Do You See A Shrink Or Have A Cold One


Psych William Lewek Who Buried Body in Backyard Denied Parole


Arkansas baby

Robert M Thompson – Psychiatrist, Got 200 Years in Prison


Walter Vandereycken, Sexually abused Patient – Catholic University Suspended him as Professor, Suspended for Life as a Psychiatrist


Paul Fox, Sandy Hook School Shooter’s Psychiatrist, Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Another Patient


The $56,000-a-year Middletown school has educated many famous names including Prescott Bush, a senator and the father and grandfather of the former presidents Bush.

Robert Browne, Hawaiian Psychiatrist, Accused of Sexual Abuse of 26 school children


Dutch psychiatrist, “Van R” convicted of possessing 60,000 items of child porn, yet he was still okay’d to work at clinic


Psychiatrist Adam Osborne, brother of British Secretary of the Treasury, quits own firm after sex with patient allegation


Francis Bostock, psychiatrist, billed medicare for sex with patient – Judge orders him to pay patient $400,000


Korean Psychiatrist, under investigation for raping a patient, Goes kamikaze


Mohammad Omar Mohabbat, Alabama Psychiatrist, pleads guilty to harassing Patient – was earlier arrested for sexual abuse of patient


Elizabeth Noll, Seattle Psychiatrist , Sex with Patient, not allowed to treat adult male patients


Richard Pines, Idaho Psychiatrist – State Supreme Court ruled he had improper sexual contact with two patients – boys with troubled pasts – “egregious conduct so corrupt and degenerate as to shock the conscience”


Patient Jane Doe Sues Ontario Sexual Predator Psychiatrist Stanley Dobrowolski, (and University where abuse occurred) who now resides in Federal Prison


Michael Kessler, Penn. psychiatrist, hauled off to prison for child sex crimes


UK Psychiatrist Joseph Bray Suspended – Father-of-two cheated on his wife with patient, says “Men aren’t biologically programmed for monogamy” and the expectation of fidelity in marriage is “unreasonable”


Jopinder Harika, Penn. Psychiatrist, has until the end of the week to report to prison – Medicaid Fraud


Penn. psychiatrist Basem Shlewiet must stay in prison 7 to 17 years – failed to convince appeals court to overturn his conviction for molesting seven of his female patients (including one teenager) – Judge says he showed no remorse


Curtis Steele, Canadian Psychiatrist, 82, Charged with Child Porn, Took Photos of Young Girls


Morris Fraser, Irish Child Psychiatrist – History of Child Sex Crimes Exposed


Canadian University Apologizes to Victims for Psychiatrist Misdeeds


Sujan Thyagaraj, Roswell, NM Psychiatrist, Flees Country to India when Police start investigating sexual assault of patient


English Psychiatrist Adam Osborne, Brother of Chief Finance Minister, Admits to having Sex with Patient – made threats towards patient and the consequences for her family if she did not withdraw her complaint


Ravi Shenava, Psychiatrist, Banned in the USA, goes to Canada where he is now facing criminal allegations of sexually assaulting patients


Charles Fischer, Austin Psychiatrist, Criminal Case Drags On – Frustrating Victims – nine patients accused him of having sex with them in psychiatric facilities


Florida Psychiatrist Flees to Romania But Can’t Escape the Long Arm of




UK Psychiatrist Joseph Bray Suspended – Father-of-two cheated on his wife with patient, says “Men aren’t biologically programmed for monogamy” and the expectation of fidelity in marriage is “unreasonable”


Joseph Bray, psychiatrist, tells patient distressed over unfaithful husband: “men are not biologically programmed for monogamy”; tells patient: “When my wife dies I will shag as many women as I can”


Lawrence Cronin, Arizona psychiatrist, Ordered to surrender his license, engaged in sexual relationship with patient – overmedicated her with “hypnotic agents”


Javier Criado, a prominent “high society” Spanish psychiatrist, accused of sex abuse by six female patients


Koock Jung, Psychiatrist – breaks down when confronted by reporter over harassment and abuse


Edward Hallowell, Mass. Psychiatrist, “Expert on ADHD”, charged with grabbing butt


Texas Okays Psychiatrist Sex with Patients – Charges only $5,000


Manilall Maharajh, psychiatrist, filmed himself having sex with a depressed patient, a virgin – then paid her $35,000 to keep quiet


Claudio de Novaes Soares, Psychiatrist, Gets away with Sexual Misconduct, but forced to quit as Chief of Psychiatry at University of Alberta


Duttala Reddy, Illinois Psychiatrist, had Sexual Misconduct with Suicidal Patient; Another Psychiatrist, Kripakaran Puvalai engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct with same patient at same clinic


Minnesota Psychiatrist James Jarmuskewicz Caught Peeping Under Stalls of Men’s Restroom in Louisiana


Infamous Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin Must Turn Himself In Within 48 Hours – Sexually Assaulted Male Patients – He Once “Treated” Gay Soldiers with Electric Shocks


“Nut Cases” is what Psychiatrist Narinder Duggal’s attorney calls those patients who complained of unprofessional conduct, overprescribing, and making sexual advances


TV Newscast: Sacramento Psychiatrist Lenton Morrow under investigation – sex with suicidal patients


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