US Sueing Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and Fluor for Allegedly Overcharging at the Savannah River Nuclear Site – Psst! Psst! The NNSA Guy Who Agreed Possible Dumping of German Nuclear Waste There Now Works for Fluor!

19 03 2016

Phone Tag with Nukers – Wheeping Willow on a tear!

27 02 2016

ww24UThe relentless Wheeping Willow gave a lot of high-up nukers a headache by calling them up and demanding answers to the U.S. import-nuke-waste-to-South Carolina plan.

Yes, it’s TRUE! MOXfireThe big brains of nukedom have a scheme to bring lots and lots of nuke waste – including super-nukey MOX – to Savannah River, South Carolina and then truck it all over for disposal… KNOWING there is NO disposal site functioning in the whole country since WIPP blew!


wheeping willow2 4U


nuke_waste_trucks[CLICK IMGE FOR FULL SIZE]


Kevin Blanch’s report on it (VIDEO) – and more on his channel.

The Savannah River [nuke waste] Site is in South Carolina
—   SRS Watch

Feb. 6 – UK-Flagged Ships Set to Transport Plutonium from Japan to U.S. Savannah River Site –— track ships at sea (LIVE data)

Mining Awareness – Nuclear Trail of Tears: Swiss-German Plutonium Believed to Have Just Been Dumped on South Carolina; More on Its Way – Object Until March 11th, 11.59 pm EST
Japan to Dump 730 pounds (331 kg) of Plutonium on America

Old but good:


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