Big Obese Blonde Was At Brussels-Sandy Hook And The Oregon Umquah College Shoot Out- Mason Wells overleeft 3 terreuraanslagen en spreekt voor het eerst



The blonde was at Sandy Hook, the Oregon shootout at Umqua College and Brussels.

In case the youtubes go down here are the pics.

Sandy hook

Oregon college

Oregon-Sandy hook actor in Brussels


Is it just me or does the black guy look familiar also?

I wasn’t even researching this, just perusing this blog.

As an added attraction don’t miss this one. The mummy wrapped in bandages immediately gets in his car and drives home after the Brussels false flag.

Brussels Mummy

Redline 7000 the mummy is out of there!

Redline 7000

Brussels bombing cause head to shrink

Pic in case the youtube disappears

Shrunken head

Meet the Mormon mummy!

At least they are wrapping them up in tinfoil these days, how fitting.


Mormons Flashing The Mano Carnuto In Brussels Bombing-Brussels 3/22 Attacks – Various Coverage


This breaking news story is being updated. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.

And on top of this phony story of the Mormon Missionary at the last 3 Drills, they show footage of the Brussels Airport but it’s really of a Russian Airport in 2011. One lucky Mormon, later day saint eh!

THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, 19, left with burns and shrapnel injuries in Brussels attack also survived Boston and Paris bombings


That roll of jelly on the midsection just screams cut down on the Purim matza!

Of course nobody can set them up like actor Carlos “The Cowboy” Arredondo! Take it away Carlos!!

artificial leg




Welcome My Friends To The Show That Never Ends-McGeorge Bundy’s Brother CIA-Mass Murderer Ted Bundy Possibly His Son-Tsarnaev Uncle Ruslan USAID Heavily CIA Fortified-Tsarnaev Married To Russell Skull And Bones-Ruslan Daughter Married To Graham Fuller CIA-Then The Bundy Circus Rancher In Nevada!




Nobody Died At Sandy Hook


Radio Employee Quits After Hoax Comments, Reasserts View That Shooting Of Journalists Was Fake


Second Alleged Mass Shooting Connected Once Again To Umpqua College In Oregon-Alma Mater Of European Train Hero



The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically) (Repost)



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6 Responses to Big Obese Blonde Was At Brussels-Sandy Hook And The Oregon Umquah College Shoot Out- Mason Wells overleeft 3 terreuraanslagen en spreekt voor het eerst

  1. I try and present news with humor! 🙂

    The Brussels mummy was flat out putting pedal to the medal with a hasty exit.


  2. Gabreal Jones says:

    HI, DUBJI,

    How The Brussels False Flag Hoax Was Proven

    Long list of undisputable points by Russ Brown who puts the Brussels Bombings Book where it belongs: the Sandy Hoax uh Hook Shelves. So maybe Yoichi Shimatsu who supllied a tsunami of good info since the Amsterdam El Al cargoplane crash oktober 1992 should glimpse through it. Good old investigative journalists apparently get me(n)tal fatigue as well…..

    01:48 a Brussels crisis actor is in the wrong location and received instructions to change location with the team assigned to her. Crisis actors are told to arrive in clothes hiding their appearance and then change.
    04:46 The terror attack in Brussels (which is now confirmed a hoax) used CCTV footage from Moscow 2011
    06:12 the reason the Brussels police (who swears in English) did not want the camera filming outside the Maelbeek metro is because they were not just using crisis actors but also a dummy. You can see its arms flop around here.
    11:27 is proof the Zaventem airport was being refurbished and the part the terrorist attacks happened was shut off. That the footage shown from Fox was from a drill.
    12:26 Brussels airport section closed where the terrorist attack was supposed to take place = busted!
    13:11 Here we see the supposed inside of Brussels airport after the bombing and what we are really seeing is a work site with generators and a bucket, sand etc. When it is put in context they are sooo busted.
    13:51 oh dear it looks like Mike is busted! The crisis actor shot was traced back to him by the great work of Wee See and Deensdude.
    27:00 witness testimony from the basketball player in the Brussels attack which is a must watch from this point onwards.
    34:49 Here you can see the pharmacy in the Brussels airport was not bombed
    39:13 Ketevan Kardava upto no good here.…I have included a link to Wikipedia, just so you can laugh at how people still actually trust it …
    42:45 here we see the Politico journalists are fronting the hoax both in this clip and here at 48:57
    43:00 is a must watch hilarious compilation of Brussels bombing crisis actors.
    51:00 Mason Wells is connected to Boston, Paris and Brussels and his father Chad Wells (seems to be the CIA guy running the whole thing) in my opinion.
    57:00 a very funny edit by Paulstall service of Ginnie Watson, who I remember seeing on TV after the Paris terrorist attack and my jaw was literally on the floor. Not because of her good looks but because she was nearly as bad as a NASA press conference after a mars rover lands.
    01:02:15 is proof the black glove theory was nonsense and was more photoshopping.
    01:23:29 More media hoaxes at the Paris attack 2015.
    01:31:40 Ibrahim El-Bakraoui who has been falsely accused of the Brussels attacks. Hasna Ait Boulahcen, also died in the raid in Saint-Denis and appears to have been executed? Her cousin, alleged ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
    01:41:47 an inspirational clip to end reminding us we need to resist the police state tyranny they want to impose on us after these fake terrorist attacks.

    All for a Greater Israel, Sieg Heil.

    CIA O


  3. Gabreal Jones says:

    JCVD Jean Claude Van Damme The Muscles of Brussels two weeks before the false flag hoax


  4. Believe it or not I had seen that video. I hope Jean Claude doesn’t have plane problems. 🙂

    He is still knocking them dead, those women there look awfully enthusiastic!


  5. Nicky says:

    Hi DM. I have come across a few news articles with what looks like the same chap present.
    Check out the fella who is looking in the window in this first one at around the 10 second mark

    And the chap that seems to be controlling the aggression of the hooded thugs in this following one.
    He first appears around 49 seconds in and again with his back to the cameras at 58 seconds where he seems to be directing the thug to throw an object at the cameras.
    I have another one that may be him also but am not 100% sure here At the 0 second mark and again around the 14 second mark.

    On another subject. I wrongly thought I had steered the Tap onto the Electric universe model and mentioned this in a comment on one of your posts after being blocked from commenting on the Tap Blog. I did an in site search and found the Tap had uploaded an Electric Universe vid years ago. My Bad. All the Best . Nicky.


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