Block Buster New Video Out On Carlos ‘The Cowboy’ Arredondo Boston Moronathon Hero

artificial leg



language barrier

Loves carlos


Carlos fast


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white house




Terrorist magnet, the woman survived Boston bombing and Sandy Hook!

Mormon flashing mano carnuto survived 911, Sandy Hook and Brussels bombing!


Update: On Brussels bombing


Basketball player Sebastian Bellin is supposed to be injured. He isn’t. His injuries, too, have been staged:

Bellin is participating in the pro-Zionist hoax. This surname is a derivative of Bellinsky, a Jewish name. Clearly, this has been staged, complete with activated charcoal, scissors actions against the pants, and blobs or pools of fake blob.

Bellin played for the EUSSA basketball team, home of the NWO. Spielberg are you watching! Talent in the making, make this guy head of the EU.



Close but probably not a match



Fifty Shades Of Pissed Off

The Dark Truth Behind The Brussels Attacks

The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically) (Repost)


More on the smiling mormon mummy

n NIEUWS ANALYSES by on 30 maart 2016 20 Comments

mason-wellsMason Wells, de jongeman die maar liefst bij 3 terreuraanslagen aanwezig was, sprak voor het eerst vanuit het ziekenhuis in onderstaand interview. RTL Nieuws meldde 23 maart nog [citaat] Tijdens de aanslagen in Parijs was hij in een ander gedeelte van de stad en tijdens de aanslag op de marathon in Boston stond Mason Wells net ver


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One Response to Block Buster New Video Out On Carlos ‘The Cowboy’ Arredondo Boston Moronathon Hero

  1. reader on Facebook reports:

    Riny Otten Just Yes … I once had a BHV fire drill; in less than a second pony and my eyebrows were singed. …

    What strikes me so all in the ‘ case Mason Wells ‘:
    – According to “they were allegedly on their way to Ohio.” But that was the 20-year-old French girl who would go as a missionary to America. The boys have brought her to Zaventem.
    – If you become as Mormon missionary v.a. 19 years sent abroad after the study. The boy is 19 years old. Would so already (how long?) since 13 nov. 2015 abroad > Paris. There it turned out to be with his father. Now missionaries twice a year with one another call ….! So don’t visit each other …!
    That missionary work abroad takes 2 years. Helen is he with his 17th at the missionaries work started? Could of course if he is a smart student and its study early.
    – Does anyone hear him French and/or Dutch talk? They serve: the language of the country of shipment to learn.
    – There is nowhere mentioned in which hospital the boy in Belgium. The burns unit at Brussels is called NOH and is a 10 km. away from Zaventem.
    – His parents visit him in Belgium in the hospital: now everyone another skin and sensitivity to the Sun, but when Mason blank in front of his parents …
    – In his video appearance as above he is quite agile and a normal facial expressions of his face for 2nd or 3rd degree injuries in his face. The head of course fully in the relationship. And what does that towel over there?
    – Then the following video of a Swedish boy with burns to head and face of how also may look like:

    – Remarkable report, pay attention to what he says to mom and pop, that just happens to just an interview takes place with them as his son call …

    – Now the pictures from the website of, where the two boys in a burn are included in Uttah America. A remarkable healing! Read the text … And check out the photos of the French girl who was burned so badly in her face. I wouldn’t be able to ‘ hug ‘ with this kind of injuries I think …

    Well, this is what I have found. The links are between the comments by. Have fun with puzzling …


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