Pepper spray-stun guns and gas pistols are in high demand in Germany after being disarmed by Adolf Rothschild

Editor’s Note:

It does seem a bit ironic the country which is known as one of the leading gun manufacturers in the entire world has a citizenry that is virtually disarmed. They can thank Herr Hitler for that one. Germany finds itself virtually defenseless just as the going is getting tough. It appears that Germany needs stand your ground, open carry laws and a plane ticket to Tel Aviv for Merkel.


Pepper spray, stun guns and gas pistols are in high demand in Germany

Germans are increasingly buying self-defense products, according to a weapons industry group survey. Citizens are reasoning that if terror attacks can happen in Paris, they could happen in Germany, too.

From knives to imitation pistols that fire blanks – over the past few months, more and more Germans have been arming themselves with self-defense products.

The sales volume doubled this year compared to 2014 in weapons stores across the country according to the German Association of Gunsmiths and Weapons Sellers (VDB), which conducted a random telephone survey among its 1,100 members.


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