The Om Is The “Sound” Of Cosmic Creation That Occurs Throughout The Universe Explained By Subquantum Kinetics


You will have to click on youtube to hear the enhanced OM of the cosmic generator.

The OM is the sound of cosmic creation that occurs throughout the universe

Portal Alpha-OmegaContinuous Creation Cosmology

Paul A. LaViolette, PH. D.

The Om is the “sound” of cosmic creation that occurs throughout the universe.  In the context of the ancient physics of subquantum kinetics, it is the minute energy impulse imparted when each etheron pops into existence in its new etheron state in the course of its endless journey through ether states.  Shiva Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer, creates this sound by shaking the drum which he holds in his upper right hand, his hand of creation.  In his left hand he holds the flame of dissolution which represents the departure of etherons as they transmute into the next etheric state in their chain of evolution.  Together this process of etheron creation and dissolution denotes the ever-present cosmic flux.

The Om also signifies the continual omnipresent fluctuation of the ether, the substrate that extends throughout the universe, underlies our physical existence, and forms what physicists call the zero-point energy continuum.  This stochastic subquantum vibration is driven by the random transmutation events that etherons are continuously undergoing.  Every subatomic particle that is continously created throughout the universe is nucleated by a rare mega-fluctuation, or critical fluctuation, that from time to time emerges from this zero-point continuum. Hence the process of physical creation is ultimately spawned by the Om.

A more complete explanation of the symbolism of Shiva and of the etheric significance of the Om sound may be found in Genesis of the Cosmos.

Portal Alpha-Omega

Continuous Creation Cosmology

“According to subquantum kinetics, the transmuting ether is the wellspring of Creation. It continually regenerates and maintains the physical universe every moment. If this continual activity were to diminish from its present rate, your physical body, your house, the Earth, the Sun, the countless planets and stars filling the vast expanse of space, in fact, all the subatomic particles and energy waves composing our physical universe would gradually dissipate, disolving into a state of uniformity. What would remain would be the vast and unfathomable, ever-present multi-dimensional consciousness, of which we all are a part, and whose featureless calm “surface” would have once generated our beautiful physical universe. But our physical universe has remained in existence for many trillions of years and any such dissolution is not expected for many trillions of years to come. A similar paradigm is expressed in the Hindu creation story of Vishnu and Brahma (see Genesis of the Cosmos, chapter 6).”


From older posts

Raising Kundalini

Explaining OM using quantum physics is a bit beyond my pay grade, so Dr. LaViolette’s explanations are extremely helpful. All I have ever done is listen to the sound and see my own chakras.  Monks chant OM to draw this vibration closer to them. It is the cosmic generator. You can hear it partially by holding a sea shell to your ear. The Vedas call it Shruti or sound of the universe.

You don’t need any books, no middleman or preachers for this one. It is about recognizing nature and understanding how to be in harmony with her. Nobody ever put it more succinctly than the Essene and his words have been greatly distorted by charlatans over the years. It is just a book explaining ….. well why you don’t need books!

The Nazarene Way

In fact one of the primary reasons pyramids were constructed around the globe by the ancients was to enhance this OM vibration.


Religion Means Pathway To Truth, Some Pathways Are A Long Winding Road


Who Wrote The Bible


King James Bible, Phony & Engineered By British Elite, John Dee And Francis Bacon



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20 Responses to The Om Is The “Sound” Of Cosmic Creation That Occurs Throughout The Universe Explained By Subquantum Kinetics

  1. adamspiritualwarrior says:

    Yes he is great and his SQK theory. I know beyond any doubt, in my heart, he is not part of any Wilsock . Fulford NWO show

    In this world, time of Deception that surrounds us Dublinmick, the physics of Paul LaViolette, are one of the few reliable things we can take to the bank.
    They act like a northern star to navigate by.

    Laviolette doesn’t get drawn into wilcock/goode/cobra stuff. Though he does post most of my commentsrelating to them as I think he realises they provide some kind of contrasting data points, that at least indicate to us something funny is going on. Somethings going down.

    I like Laviolettes sober style, I like him on radio interviews, john b wells was good. He replies to quite a few of my comments including Stephen hawking being a fake.

    It is a relief now for me to drop the wilcock show. DM im sensing theres a whole air of desperation and inevitability coming, if I was in the Satanists shoes, id be doing things differently than this if I wanted total control.
    Even though I accept now Corey Goodes working to some subtle project bluebeam agenda arranged by Jesuits/jews/Satanists/freemasons it seems.

    Look at the fascinating interesting truths about stargate portals, the nature of space and time, the solar system, that Goodes coming out with. A lot chimes with Paul Laviolette.

    SO the Satanists must be getting desperate.

    I for one WILL NOT be going on guided tours round the ‘liberated’ solar system colonies once whatever ‘Event’ happens.

    I think youre right. I think Wilcock/Goode and maybe Cobra too are simply the builders of a much much bigger more elaborate Truman Show dome all around us to enclose us in so the elite Satanists can take this thing to a whole other level

    Im not buying it.

    But Paul LaViolettes SQK physics and stuff on bis website seems sober, unvarnished and real and is my guiding star, one of them.

    Ive not read the OM article will look at it today cheers


  2. Gabreal Jones says:


    Some Notes On The Ground Sound Of All Space Time

    Search: hidden meaning of the AUM symbol. Of the various explanations, the simplest the best:

    Vedas are the Blueprint of Creation. Paramatma, the Oversoul, is called the Author of Creation in the Rik Ved. Her/His/Its author-I-ty made the human form the Tabernacle.

    Paramatma’s Fingerprints: the Tabernacle of the true Israelites in AXUM.

    In the Way of JC the Nazarene: the individual human body is the Son of Man (vyakti)

    Make Optimum Use of your human form, Lo and Behold the whole uni-verse is My Body, The Son of God (vyakta).

    Liberation is remerging with the un-manifest Source Beyond (avyakta)in and from all things emerge

    Liberation is always already now here. (The One No-thing hiding Itself in every thing for Fun)


    CIA O


    • adamspiritualwarrior says:



      • says:

        As I say Adam, you are the best, your unbridled enthusiasm to find the truth is inspiring for all who notice. You have a unique gift of connecting dots. Don’t ever let anyone take that from you or discourage you.

        You know when we leave this realm, all we are is our consciousness, so we try as best we may to expand it. I am old and have a feeling that I may soon solve the great mystery.



    • adamspiritualwarrior says:

      I appreciate all your strengthening uplifting kind comments here and on Tapblog Dublinsmick that embolden me, i rarely if never get anyone saying such things to me thanks
      It can be a lonely road this path and its great to chat and discuss and share so many things with people like you, what a tool the internet is, where would we be without it
      Even from family members never mind blog commenters or colleagues or whatever in real life, there are people that for whatever reason can try to stifle and crush the spirit, make me go back in my box and say nothing keep my head down. And conform. And lead a nothing dead end life feeling numb. When for me life and sparkling energy comes from the wonderful feeling of connecting dots, likeputting two live wires together so energy can flow, and I think this is a grand process going on all over the world at this time I can almost feel it
      I have many interesting lines of thought id like to chat to you about sometime – even about indian food which I likeimmensely
      I am 41, and whilst not unattractive, have been somewhat awkward and inept with women , women ive really liked, for much of my life. However I feel now in 2015 at 41 im like a butterfly about to break out of the chrysalis, that’s how it feels. And I feel strongly all the unrequited loves in the past for some wonderful women …….someone lovely and special is coming round the corner. I think these matters are being worked out in the Higher Dimensions now as we speak Dublinmick, and have been planned in a timeless place
      It makes me wonder… much truth could there actually be in the Adjustment Bureau film with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt? If you’ve not see it I recommend it

      I hope you are well and not going anywhere soon. At this crucial amazing juncture you should be here and we all need you, and your amazing articles.
      It is very nice to have someone comment about me dot connecting, its nice to have such things pointed out which ive been unsure of myself, and family can stifle this spark

      For whatever reason, whether my daily commitments, studies (im studying to be a Lawrence Wilson NB Science hair mineral analysis practitioner distance learning, any research help you need in health research dot connecting for you and your wife, please ask ), or my laziness, or distractions. I tend to be unable to research deeply the way you do. My mind flits. At university I struggled and deep research and essays nd discipline was difficult and agony for me. So with my dot connecting and your tremendous deeper research abilities we can be a synergetic force of Good for this planet!

      bye for now 🙂


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  4. abey says:

    However its symbol appers Sodomic, which would explain the origin of Sodom & its agendas from that sound of Evolution -unto the so-called mother goddess, reveals the Royals & their secret worships.


  5. Marc Jones says:

    See, we are eternal spirit, all knowing co-creators, etc. We’ve mediums, channels, amazing psychics, remote viewers and the (redundant) list goes on with the Chinese super kids and Indigos. And yet most are Still guessing as to what’s really up…. Something is amiss with this.
    But I see more are trashing or dismissing LaViolette these days. I’m in no position to judge but like his work. I’ll side with his material regarding black holes and the rest of the “ad hoc” theories. I’m trying to reconcile his transmuting aether with Fuller’s VE (or Russell’s model).


  6. says:

    Hi Marc
    The fact that he is attacked is your first clue he knows something the beast does not want in the open. Much of Dr. LaViolette’s theories are above my pay grade but I can tell the parts I understand do coincide with what little I know of Buddhism and Vedanta. There is an OM sound and you can hear it for yourself, just hold up a sea shell to your ear. You hear the sound of creation, it was always here and always will be here. It is eternal. The eternal vibration is both sound and light.

    I am sure Jamie, (Hirundine) who comments here quite often would agree with me as we knew some of the same mahatmas in our youth. (See his comments on the sidebar)


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