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I was looking for an article on this blog the other day and could not find it. There is no sign of it on google. I began looking for others and quite frankly I would never know they were posted. They are missing in action not only on google but most search engines. In the process I found a few that are worth reading and I will repost. If nothing else I can at least find them myself when looking for them.

I assume everybody has heard of most of this! 🙂

1.3 Million Women With Their Breasts Hacked Off Did Not Have Cancer

A devastating new report commissioned by the National Cancer Institute reveals that our 40-year long ‘War on Cancer’ has been waged against a vastly misunderstood ‘enemy,’ that in many cases represented no threat to human health whatsoever.

If you have been following our advocacy work on cancer, particularly in connection with the dark side of breast cancer awareness month, you know that we have been calling for the complete reclassification of some types of ‘breast cancer’ as benign lesions, e.g. ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), as well as pointing out repeatedly that x-ray based breast screenings are not only highly carcinogenic but are also causing an epidemic of “overdiagnosis” and “overtreatment” in US women, with an estimated 1.3 million cases in the past 30 years alone.



German Police have few applicants that can count to two

eagle nest


Michael Foley looks like Eliot Rodgers and his sibling Katie Foley looks like Alex Israel a former classmate of Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook fame

Michael Foley looks like Eliot Rodgers and his sibling Katie Foley looks like Alex Israel a former classmate of Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook fame.



Special Report: West Virginia Coverup, Poisoned Air, Water, Food: Rahul Gupta Says Drink Up

Elk River Chemical Spill Very Serious, Could Pollute The Ohio and Mississippi, Charleston Cincinnati Louisville Evansville Memphis and New Orleans


400,000 In Ohio Warned Not To Drink Toxic Tapwater (State Of Emergency)


There Was No Damage At Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant In Georgia After Recent Earthquake-Officials Are Feeling So Lucky They Will Add 2 More Reactors To The Joint


We Interrupt Your Favorite Program To Report The 5.4 Quake Near Augusta Is Near The Thurmond Dam-Holding Back A Lake With 1200 Miles Of Shoreline Flowing Toward The Savannah River Nuclear Plant-The Vogtle Nuclear Plant Was About Ground Zero But No Damage Reported-Whew
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Pavel Globa In 2011 Predicted War In 2014 After The Sochi Olympics



Guess what sports fans, there was war as the Ukraine attacked Russian citizens in their easter provinces.


Guess What-The Sinkhole At Boone Dam Above 7 Nuke Plants In Tennessee Still Hasn’t Been Fixed-In Fact It Is Getting Worse As A Parking Lot Has Now Caved In




Tribunal on Indian Boarding Schools Oneida, WI, Oct 2014

Little known to many, America has their own Palestinians (Indian boarding schools)

More than 200 undocumented deaths of indian boarding school children

In the words of the founder and superintendent of the Carlisle Indian School, General Richard Henry Pratt, “Transfer the savage born infant to the surroundings of civilization and he will grow to possess a civilized language and habit.”

The children who never came home and their longest walk



The Illuminati sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year, “Mary Anne,”

In preparation, I am summarizing my 2008 interview here for people who don’t have 45 min to listen to it. Much of what she says in both interviews is simply outrageous. I can’t vouch for any of it. But it is consistent with the testimony of other defectors, Svali, Sue Ford and Cathy O’Brien. The Illuminati count on people to be incredulous. That’s their protection. The more egregious their crimes, the safer they are.


Hope Russell


Hopefully this funny man is rotting in hell

Bob Hope Iluminati Pimp-Mind Control


If You Question Authority You Are Now Mentally Ill And It Is Called Oppositional Defiant Order-Only The Sheep Are Sane-George Orwell Would Be So Happy






New Studies: ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Sane; Government Dupes Crazy, Hostile


Ian Fleming’s Dr. No Based On Hitler’s Escape





It can be argued that at the top of the pyramid of power-the Nazis-Communists-and Mafias all work together on behalf of the Robber Barons and Feudal Lords












Is he stealing the kid’s soul?

A very long read, click the link to read it all.

The Robber Barons and Feudal Lords were happy to support Hitler one moment, and Stalin the next moment.

Is it possible that Jews could work with Fascists?

In 1932, Oswald Mosley set up his fascist party in the UK.

Petrus Romanus Get Ready, The Glory Of The Olive! And You Thought It Couldn’t Be Done!


Hey Joe Where You Going With That Gun In Your Hand?

Biden via AFP

Agence Free Press

(It looks like Joe is ready to bring freedom to Hong Kong)

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden called Friday for democratic rule in Hong Kong as he met with two outspoken activists from the semi-autonomous Chinese metropolis.



Strange Red Dust Coating Cars In Texas-Hercolubus Is Red And Described As Such In Ancient Manuscripts



Britannia Where Only The Hit Men Have Weapons-£200 Can Get You Smoked

File:SIG Pro by Augustas Didzgalvis.jpg




The Pentagon’s Map of Afghanistan: An Eldorado of Mineral Wealth and Natural Resources


Diamonds are an army’s best friend

The fact that Afghanistan sits on lucrative natural resources was recognized indirectly back in 2010 when the Afghan ministry of mines rolled out a $1b (!) estimate of what the country might have, and The New York Times quoted a source in the US Administration as saying that Afghanistan’s list of reserves included copper, gold, cobalt, and even lithium on which the present-day industry is heavily dependent. A Pentagon memo actually described Afghanistan’s potential lithium holdings as big enough to make it the “Saudi Arabia of lithium”. Somehow, the news flew below the radars of most watchers worldwide.


Tampa Black Ice

Douglas Aaron McClain Sr., 62, whose Argyll Equities was a shady and now-bankrupt “investment bank” in Boerne Texas which provided services to at least three drug smuggling operations, including supplying a DC-9 to a very-possibly criminal Tampa-based ICE-HSI drug operation, is awaiting trial on charges of defrauding a 74-year-old neuro-psychiatrist paralyzed in a motorcycle accident several years ago.



Prep To Evacuate! USAF Base Orders 1200 Radiation Suits In New Mexico

Due to a massive radiological event in New Mexico and the release of airborne plutonium,Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico has ordered 1,200 radiation suits and our videographer POTRBlog has put out this prepare to evacuate notice in the video below.

The obvious purpose for this order is to prepare for another massive Plutonium release from DOE’s WIPP plant outside Carlsbad New Mexico.

BUGOUT ALERT! CDC Preps MASSIVE Ventilator Order, References Radiological Event And Pandemic Influenza



Navy Sailors With Cancer Suing For One Billion Over Fukushima-Reports: USS Radioactive Ronald Reagan Should Be Sunk-Germany To Dismantle Another Reactor Early

AP: Fukushima children flee radiation; “Getting nosebleeds, growing pale and lethargic”; Mistrust of officials high — Father: “Cases of cancer are up… we are worried” — Mother: I don’t believe it’s as safe as gov’t claims, raising questions can get you branded a troublemaker.


A Mini Carrington Event Hit Australia In February 2014 (It Is News To Me?)


From the Article linked below. WHAT A JOKE. We just had the most Earth direct CME in years, hit yesterday, with Tesla readings quite high. Fortunately, somehow the CME fizzled when it came to creating electric currents on earth based equipment. Believe me! That is good thing. Only a few dozen pole transformers burst into flames in Australia.

And the bonehead scientists, feeding bullshit to the no gum shoe reporters, blame the fires on “light rain”. And the reporters don’t question them on this?


Judge Kozinski Thinks The Guillotine Should Be Considered -Beheading Is Not Just For Jihadists Or Samarai Anymore













The Debate Is Over In Miami As Store Owners Wrap Their Feet To Get To Cars After Work Due To Rising Waters-Miami Is Drowning



Protesters gather near the office of Senator Marco Rubio to ask him to take action to address climate change. Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Climate Change Is One Of The Most ‘Heated’ Debates












Thawing Permafrost: The Speed Of Coastal Erosion In Eastern Siberia Has Nearly Doubled, Arctic Methane Released At Blinding Speed, Climate Change, Core Of Earth Heats Up


Lawrence Of Arabia The Gay Sex Maniac

However lot of you may have wondered why the Arab desert Kingdom royal bloodlines have always supported the Zionists and Jewish state of Israel / USA in DEEDS.

David Sassoon a Baghdadi Jew and Jewish banker of David Sassoon & Co., with branches in China, Japan and Hong Kong uses his monopoly of the opium trade in this area, on behalf of the Rothschild controlled British government, to traffic 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars for the Rothschilds’ and the British Royal family.

David Sassoon ( 1792 – 1864) was the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 and 1829.

The family claimed to be descended from King David ( SIC SIC SIC ) – and hence SAME BLOODLINE AS JESUS.









In 1921 he came to Trissur , for Ayurvedic treatment – a pineal gland massage. He wrote to his class mate and friend at Oxford VK Govinda Menon ( forest conservator in Kerala ) to arrange for the treatment.

He was going berserk.

He needed severe flogging on his buttocks to have an orgasm and ejaculate- after gay sex ( receiving ANUS party ) .

There he frequented the GAY brothels of Lahore and Karachi. He read of the services there from Richard Burton’s ( Kamasutra author ) accounts.

He was even married to a Muslim hermaphrodite


“We Honestly Have No Fucking Idea What We’re Doing”- Admits Leading Quantum Physicist



Obama New Housing Rules To End Ethnic Clusters: You Will Be Told Where To Live




JAMES FETZER Has His Own Blog Now

Joe Cool








New York Cardinal John O’Connor’s Sister Says He Was Jewish

What a surprise heh?

The family of Cardinal John O’Connor has recently made a stunning discovery — the New York archbishop’s mother was born Jewish, and her family is buried in a Jewish cemetery in Connecticut. Should throw a glass breaking party with Madeleine Albright who just found out she was Jewish last week.




Now for the good news and proof that sludge seeks it’s own level!

Horror on the red carpet as Golden Globes entrance flooded with SEWAGE as stars begin to arrive for annual awards ceremony


In India you know they are in trouble when Sita Sings The Blues begins winning awards in the India Times


Queen Bee


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