Pedophilia Shows Up In Another Thousand Points Of Light-2 Judges In Pennsylvania Convicted Of Selling Children To Prisons-Same State Where Sandusky Convicted Of Pedophilia At Penn State University In “Happy Valley” at “Beaver Stadium”-Coach Dies Just Before Trial And Two Prosecutors Murdered

FINALLY! TWO Judges Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling ‘Kids For Cash’ To Prisons

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Politicians and officials named in court as ‘boy brothel’ case begins

You Never hear of these stories: the corruption at the top being brought out into the LIGHT.(despite the OVER coverage of this claimed by defense attorneys)

The fact that someone would even PROPOSE this to a sitting judge speaks volumes to the notion that this is NOT an isolated incident–more on that below:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court tossed about 4,000 convictions issued by Ciavarella between 2003 and 2008, saying he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles, including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea.

Ciavarella, 61, was tried and convicted of racketeering charges earlier this year. His attorneys had asked for a “reasonable” sentence in court papers, saying, in effect, that he’s already been punished enough.

“The media attention to this matter has exceeded coverage given to many and almost all capital murders, and despite protestation, he will forever be unjustly branded as the ‘Kids for Cash’ judge,” their sentencing memo said.

The Times Leader reports that the court house in Scranton was overflowing as over a dozen people who had been essentially “sold” to prisons by the judge turned out to exchange horror stories.

“Mark Arthur Ciavarella, Jr. (born March 3, 1950) is a convicted felon (Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate number 15008-067) and former President Judge of the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania who was involved, along with fellow judge Michael Conahan, in the “Kids for cash” scandal in 2008.[4]

In August 2011, Ciavarella was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison for his involvement in the Kids for Cash scandal.[5]”


Michael T. Conahan (born April 21, 1952) is a convicted felon and former judge from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania who was involved in the “Kids for cash” scandal in 2008[1] with fellow judge Mark Ciavarella. [2]

As president judge, Conahan used his budgetary discretion to stop funding the county public youth detention facility[4] and agreed to send teens instead to a new private facility. He is accused of agreeing to generate at least $1.3 million per year in costs that could be billed to taxpayers in exchange for kickbacks.
Pedophilia in “Happy Valley” the name known by the Pennsylvania State University-They play in “Beaver” Stadium”. Football Coach Joe Paterno conveniently dies just before the trial and DA Gricar vanishes without a trace, Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan P. Luna was found dead, lying in a stream and stabbed thirty-six times, outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Now we have two judges convicted of selling children to prisons in Pennsylvania.

Judge Mark Arthur Ciavarella Convicted Of Selling Kids For Cash To Prisons Receives 28 Years-4000 Convictions Thrown Out-We Are Talking Prison For Mocking A Principal On Facebook

Now let’s read about the TWO CORPORATIONS involved with this that are…wait for it…………………



WHO owns these facilities and WHY ARE THEY STILL OPPERATING???????????????

Detention scheme was lucrative, harmful

PA Child Care
PA Child Care (formerly Luzerne County Juvenile Center)
offers secure programs for males and females. This state-of-the-art facility is located in Pittston Township, Luzerne County and is easily accessible from Route 81.

And the second one…

Western PA Child Care,[3] in Butler County, Pennsylvania. Treatment at both facilities is provided by Mid Atlantic Youth Services.[1] Gregory Zappala took sole ownership of the company when he purchased co-owner Robert Powell’s share in June 2008.[4]

Federal investigators said they sentenced children to juvenile detention centers in which they had financial interests, and at times did so against probation officers’ recommendations and without the children having legal representation.


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Bush in Pennsylvania. The Second Mile Foundation was recognized as one of President Bush’s 1000 Points of Light. Marvin P. Bush is on the National Collegiate Athletic Association Board of Directors (Jerry Sandusky, Second Mile Foundation and Penn St… )

This was designed at the University of Pennsylvania, by people linked to the CIA. (False Memory Syndrome Foundation. / A Brief Overview Of The Founding Members Of The False Memory …)


Frew was wearing a five point star, or pentagram, the symbol of witchcraft and earth magic, “RTaschke said”.

His departure from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was hastened by a remark in an interview,

His departure from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was hastened by a remark in an interview, appearing in an Amsterdam journal for paedophiles, that it was “God’s Will” adults engage in sex with children.

‘Murdered’ prosecutors PA Gricar and Jonathan Luna

On 4 December 2003, Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan P. Luna was found dead, lying in a stream and stabbed thirty-six times, outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (Death of Jonathan Luna –

At we read about Bedford, Pennsylvania and mind control. /

5000 Pennsylvania Children Stolen and Abused … /

“According to Fritz Springmeir, after the war Josef Mengele was smuggled to the U.S. to put mind control into practice as one of the CIA’s main mind control programmers. The author of Mind Control The Ultimate Terror credits Mengele with development of the MK Ultra mind control program.”

Father of Teresa Heinz Kerry Allegedly Worked With Mengele On The German Ebola Virus?


“Pennsylvania has by far the highest number of child-trafficking organizations.”

This scandal is much more than it appears to be at the current moment.

I have so far not been able to find a link here but rest assured that Pennsylvania is one sick corrupted state.

Former Penn State President Graham D. Spanier filed a civil lawsuit against former FBI director Louis Freeh, Freeh’s firms and the university today, accusing them of defamation in the Penn State-sponsored Freeh Report of 2012 for its findings related to Spanier’s failure to stop ex-Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky from sexually abusing young boys at Sandusky’s charity, the Second Mile. Sandusky was convicted and is serving a 60-year sentence.

Two men on opposite sides of one of the biggest scandals in sports history share an air of secrecy granted by their work for the FBI. Former Penn St. president Graham Spanier was arraigned today on charges he attempted to cover-up the massive child abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The investigator that revealed Spanier’s alleged crimes, Louis Freeh, has also been accused of heading a massive cover-up when he was director of the FBI.
The ultimate symbol of that dangerous culture of silence is not Joe Paterno, but the president of Penn State for 16 years, Graham Spanier. Both were fired by the Penn State trustees Wednesday evening for failing to ensure the police were informed of, among other things, a 2002 apparent rape of a young boy in a Penn State locker room by Jerry Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator of the football team.
November 5th: Sandusky is indicted with 40 charges of sex crimes against underaged boys.
November 9th: The Penn State Board of Trustees, which included Gov. Tom Corbett, fires long-time head football coach Joe Paterno and University President Graham Spanier. The dismissal of Paterno, who worked for Penn State since 1950, infuriates university alumni.
January 22nd: Joe Paterno dies of complications from lung cancer. His death only heightens the outrage of PSU alumni towards Gov. Corbett.
March 26th: Former President Bill Clinton endorses Kane’s campaign. Clinton’s high-profile support will result in campaign appearances and commercials that propel Kane to the top of the Democratic primary polls.

Louis Freeh Report is a Cover-Up

Freeh’s 267-page report is designed to divert attention from a pervasive Masonic culture of  pedophilia. Confident of its power, the Illuminati have no intention of mending their ways. They have replaced offenders with accomplices.   – See more at:

Louis Freeh’s  267-page Report is sheer fluff, full of repetition and redundancies.  Its intent is to ignore the obvious fact that Sandusky is not the only homosexual pedophile involved in the scandal.  It is a ruse–a red herring to keep us foxes, so to speak, off the scent of the insatiable sexual perverts who lurk here and there in the dark shadows of Happy Valley, Harrisburg, and beyond.

Louis Freeh almost dies in freak car crash with severed artery but was saved by the emergency crew! Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.

Penn State tries to recruit Condolezza Rice as president
Former President Bill Clinton said the first time he met Katz was with former Gov. Ed Rendell and they “had me play nerf basketball in the Oval office.”
“I lost,” Clinton said.

After he sat down, Gov. Corbett reached over to comfort Rendell as he wiped tears from his eyes.

Low life Bill Cosby who America thinks is funny.

As to Playboy, Masten says she told her supervisor soon after she claimed Cosby had drugged and raped her at a Chicago hotel.

“She said to me, ‘You know that’s Hef’s best friend, right?'” Masten recounted, referring to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. “I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘Well, nobody is going to believe you. I suggest you keep your mouth shut.'”

Former Playboy Bunny Says Bill Cosby Raped Her and 12 Others

Bill Cosby, who caused some concern when he stumbled on the stage after Clinton spoke, stood before the mourners wearing a T-shirt that said, “Self Made, Philly Made, Temple Made.”
Pacing like a preacher, Cosby recounted how Katz grew up poor in Camden and how much he had given back to the city, including two Boys and Girls Clubs.
Addressing the people of Camden, he said they had to make sure they care for what Katz gave.
“You better not let it drop. You better not let it fall,” Cosby said.
“Lewis Katz lives in what you do to the gifts that were given to you,” he said. “. . . You will treat these gifts as gifts – not something to be thrown in the trash.”

Breaking News! … Vatican Dispatching Cardinal Bernard Law To Penn State


Is it Benedict or look alike Robert Blake of Beretta?

Politicians and officials named in court as ‘boy brothel’ case begins



Sources tell ‘The Garlic’, that after an all-night session, Pope Benedict XVI is dispatchingArchpriest of the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major Bernard Law to Penn State, to offer The Vatican’s assistance in the burgeoning sexual abuse scandal.


Clinton/Spanier pic at the creamery


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