The Disney Freak Show

“If this doesn’t convince you than you’re truly an enslaved blind retard, or you’re apart of all this. A federal agent releases proof of celebrity assassinations, and Randy Quaid comes out and says the illuminati is trying to murder him. This is a compilation of other uploads I have just to make it easier to share with other people while also showing them the larger picture by connecting the dots for them.”


mick d

kick to woman's face

Democracy is coming


Jon Stewart dropping the gang signs

Notice the hidden hand in the portrait behind Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts


Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts

Even this clown’s latest on Grexit, this clown calls Washington the puppet master! He is under some serious programming.

The Greek referendum, in which the Greek government’s position easily prevailed, tells the troika (EU Commission, European Central Bank, IMF, with of course Washington as the puppet master)

Mano Cornuto Hand Signs

I never thought much about Jennifer Anniston but she sure does have big hands

Big hands

Maybe that is why they make so much ado over Jen Anniston, I never could figure what the draw was. Relationships never last and she is always rumored to be preg but it always falls through.




Public illuminoso

You don’t want Serena in a taped fist Texas style steel cage fight to the finish!


Nor do you want Caster



Then there is our Tranny Coulter, AKA Andrew Coultrane, Pudenda Shenanigans,


The say Annie once sat on Arnold Schwarenegger’s lap down in the Florida Keys when she was dancing


Where do they find these freaks?

The Ellen Degenerate Show, some of the most banal triviality you will ever witness


How The Dodgers Won Big On The Diamond


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2 Responses to The Disney Freak Show

  1. hirundine608 says:

    … hot damn … !


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    Someone needs to point out the absurdity in some of this.

    One thing that stood out, some of these women have big, big hands!:)

    Michael Obama seems to explode with laughter when there is nothing the slightest bit funny.


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