Ian Fleming’s Dr. No Based On Hitler’s Escape







Ian Fleming based his novels on Hitler and Eva Braun!!

Every writer bases his writings on real events. All great writers know how to mask their true meaning. Shakespeare based all of his characters on real historic people but he knew how to disguise his writings. The Bible is full of allegories or parables that only true Christians can understand.



The typical Ian Fleming spy novel has James Bond fighting SPECTRE (SMERSH) and escaping with his girlfriend while everything is blowing up behind them.

This typifies Operation James Bond, with Hitler the spy escaping with Eva Braun.

Mario Puzo used the same double meaning to great effect in his Godfather books.


For those flitting around on the web ebbing with adoration for Hitler, actually hoping for another one and proclaiming the innocence of Rome, I advise a dose of healthy skepticism. In fact the fourth reich is well underway and this is one means of obscuring this fact to the masses.

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