Do Most Nurses Involved In The First National Ebola Case Go On A Carnival Magic Cruise 4 Days Later?



That is just what our little miss from Texas did after handling specimens for Duncan who they claim died. Of course we don’t really know if he is on board the Carnival Magic ship working as a deck hand.

The ship has been denied port in several countries and will probably be headed back to Galveston Texas. Meanwhile the nurse has boarded herself up in her cabin.

The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically)



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2 Responses to Do Most Nurses Involved In The First National Ebola Case Go On A Carnival Magic Cruise 4 Days Later?

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Good question!

    Though to be fair a lot of people, go on these things all times of year. You have to book in advance, I’m told? I mean it’s within the realm of possibility. Why is this nurse quarantined, not pulled off by helicopter?

    I’ve been by told by some people who went on a cruise. That it’s a huge bunfest of food. That it’s one meal, or snack time, after another. These people who went on one; were disgusted by the mountain of human flesh. that could barely pull itself up out of a chair to grab yet another plate of food.

    Is this thing, Ebola, really more infectious than AIDS or SARES? Maybe the human race could do with a little pruning?

    Do I want to catch it? No, but if it happens? That’s okay. Yes, I’ve been told it’s a painful thing? But many diseases are. AIDS is still killing many african men and women. I imagine that AIDS is as painful?

    A person can only die once, but re-birth is possible. So we need to lighten up and work to make the world a better place. Would you rather have shrapnel in the body, or Ebola? Let’s stop war and clean up our world. Or take to the seas in one of those monster boats and eat yourself into oblivion?

    Fear is everywhere!


  2. Ranking death as if placings in a footrace of pain is more silly master race rubbish, for the weak minded. Cultivate a certain sense of humour, maybe like Tom Sawyer sticking the pin in the June bug, who knows, you might die laughing.


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