The Illuminati sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year, “Mary Anne,”

In preparation, I am summarizing my 2008 interview here for people who don’t have 45 min to listen to it. Much of what she says in both interviews is simply outrageous. I can’t vouch for any of it. But it is consistent with the testimony of other defectors, Svali, Sue Ford and Cathy O’Brien. The Illuminati count on people to be incredulous. That’s their protection. The more egregious their crimes, the safer they are.

Politicians and officials named in court as ‘boy brothel’ case begins





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You can’t make this stuff up

Bob Hope iluminat pimp

The web site  Intheknow7 blog writes:

Hope Russell

 This war mongering freak was always taking mind controlled women on tours to rouse the troops who were fighting imperial wars for the City of London.

“The USO was designed as a premiere traveling road show for Monarch Slaves with Master of Ceremonies Bob Hope showcasing some of the most beautiful and talented Mind Controlled Slaves. Bob Hope was a foreign agent of the British Empire (British Knight;MI6) & Papal Knight (servant of the Jesuits Black Pope & Papacy); completely above ANY U.S. law or Constitutionality w/ full diplomatic immunity and afforded full military attache; Bob Hope was virtually untouchable w/ above top secret security clearances.

Hope Pimp






“This gave him perfect cover to shuttle Monarch Slaves from base to base, nation to nation, under full military escort with little or no interference from domestic or foreign press, since all U.S.O. activity is under aegis of National Security Agency (NSA) & Dept. of Defense (DOD). Far beyond an Ambassador, Bob Hope operated above State Department levels, having direct access to the Dir. of CIA (DCI), Pentagon, White House & POTUS”





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One Response to The Illuminati sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year, “Mary Anne,”

  1. and if you get a copy of Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry {pre – 1924}
    and read the words ….and the “footnotes” you will discover

    1} Assassin

    2} Babylon

    3] Captivity

    the “Jewishness” {evil} of the mind control “Technology”….[John 8:44]

    with that knowledge then reread Isaiah & Jeremiah…
    and the minor Prophets all the way the Zephaniah 3:9
    where is talks about a “pure” language

    there are no “Jews” in the Old Testament

    and it really doesn’t matter how many “Jew” worshipping IDIOTS
    don’t understand that FACT…it is still true


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