Frau Susan Rice Warns Russia Not To Intervene In The Ukraine-The Names Change But The Play Is The Same-Only The 150 US Bases In The World Are Up To This

We are all finding it interesting to see how the German on the street will react to Herr Frank Walter Steinmeir and John McQuaeda hobknobbing with Ukraine Nazi leaders such as Oleh! The names change but the play stays the same.

Let’s be clear that Yanukovych is felt to be corrupt himself by many as he has a deal with Chevron to frock the border near Russia which in turn will possibly poison drinking water for many Russians. Putin can demand the loans be paid off and cut off gas to the Ukraine if things get too far out of hand. The protesters will figure this out eventually.

John McCain in Ukraine, December 2013 . Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok on his right.

Merk and Daddy

I would say the Ukrainians had best walk easy. If the zios do slide out to Palestine for housing on free tickets, we may be hearing tales soon of mass graves and how they were boiled in Russian motor oil. Ukrainians could end up paying reparations forever and have holomuseums erected on their territories.

Fifty years from now great western writers will present books on how Oleh and the Ukraine nazis were doing good, were not financed by the west, put a chicken in every pot, a volkswagon in every garage and built roads. It would have been paradise but the Russians invaded again.

Of course there will probably not be any Ukrainians left to read the books as they will have all been replaced by global foreign nationalities in true western style.

Many of the commenters over there on RT have mentioned how closely this resembles the Reichstag fire.

Only thing I am wondering now is if Tulia Tymoshenko, Klitschko, and oleh the nazi will be reported committing suicide in their bunkers burned to cinder while they stealthily escape in a submarine to Tel Aviv.

Tinkering in Georgia by Washington and its Israeli surrogates almost led to American involvement in a war with Russia in which Washington had no conceivable interest. Remember John McCain’s “We are all Georgians now?”

A former Israeli army officer is playing a leading role in the anti-government protests in Ukraine, PressTV has reported.

According to reports, the unnamed Israeli is commanding a group of 20 Ukrainian militants while four other Israelis, who had also previously served in the army, are reported to have taken part in opposition rallies in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

The Israelis were born in Ukraine but migrated to Israel and joined its armed forces before returning to the European country for the demonstrations.

Yulia just got out of the joint and is in a wheel chair but still screaming for more blood and revolution. It is a tribal thing. This could go right up there with Otto Skorzeny busting the Duce out of jail. That black leather jack has some solid effect. She wants more  суворість (austerity) for the Ukraine! She has accepted treatment for her back problems from no other than Frau Merkel of the EU Reich. Dad would have been proud watching his daughter take over the EU like he had planned on behalf of Rothschild.

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