Politicians have suggested that that neo-Nazis may be working for German intelligence


Merk Salute

The leaders of a Nazi terror group, praised by ‘Anders Breivik’, and linked to the German security services and the CIA.

After World War II, the CIA and NATO made use of Nazis to carry out acts of terrorism, as part of Operation Gladio.

In November 2011, an inquiry began into neo-Nazi terrorism in Germany.

Information was leaked to the media that German intelligence services had destroyed and altered files about the neo-Nazi gang.
Italian intelligence services tipped off German intelligence about a meeting of European neo-Nazis in the Belgian town of Waasmunster in 2003.

Reportedly, the German neo-Nazis worked with ‘Black September’.

In 2007, Michéle Kiesewetter, a German police officer, was killed ‘by neo-nazi terrorists’ in Heilbronn, Germany.

Her service pistol was later retrieved, when Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos, the two German neo-nazis ‘committed suicide’ in a caravan on 4 November 2011.

Were the ‘terrorists’ working for the security services?

Daniel Schneider, Atilla Selek, Fritz Gelowicz, Adem Yılmaz (some of whom may be secretly Jewish)

The suspicion is partly based on a statement made by Atilla Selek, to officers from the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Mevlüt K. had built up a network of Islamic militants in Germany and the Balkans, according to German police.

Acoording to Selek, Mevlüt K. was a contact man in Istanbul for Islamists who wanted to fight in Chechnya. But Mevluk K. was also an informant for the Turkish intelligence service, as SPIEGEL reported.

The German intelligence services showed little interest in arresting the various ‘terrorists’.

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