The sky disintegrates and turns to dust, The great earth becomes peaceful, no one can see it


You might find this interesting, Vivek posted this years ago. He is from India but lived for awhile in San Francisco. On March 4, 2011 Cathartes Aura, seven days before the events at Fukushima practically calls what happened using her own intuition and astrological chart. On March 11, 2011 the super quake struck Fukushima. There is much more in the linked article.

On March 4, 2011 Cathartes Aura had this to say:

*gah* of course you know I could go on, ha! I’ll spare you (all), and instead say happy new moon in pisces, fasten your seatbelts as the planets impatiently line up for the Aries BANG! to come. . . uranus enters aries (at zero degrees it is also the spring equinox point) on 3.11.11, those numbers have much “esoteric” juice, already I’ve seen things conspiring to happen on that day, revolutions as only uranus can herald – by April, fully5 planets in Aries, plus the sun(3.20.11) and moon, for a spell. . . it really won’t be the same, soon.


so there you have it. tense, in-tense days ahead.

So many people ask, why bother, it’s all just happening anyways. Happened before. Enjoy.

I’m always reminded of Master Daichi to Samurai Kikushi, in the snow…. and I’ll just quote the relevant part:

The sky disintegrates and turns to dust,

The great earth becomes peaceful, no one can see it.

Abruptly, the dry tree opens it’s one flower.

Calling to another spring, beyond history.

Of course there is much more in this post!

11/03/11 : Please note the date, as previously forecast by Cathartes Aura as major date.

The sky disintegrates and turns to dust, The great earth becomes peaceful, no one can see it. Abruptly, the dry tree opens it’s one flower. Calling to another spring, beyond history.

Of course on 3/11/2011, 7 days later the great earthquake struck Fukushima Japan

11/03/11 : Please note the date, as previously forecast by Cathartes Aura as major date.

Japan has had an 8.9 earthquake this morning, the largest in 140 years. A major tsunami has also swept the eastern seaboard and several countries are on Tsunami watch. Maye all things regain their center as best they can, because this is just pre-cursor of what is to come.

Some of you may have heard of the Super Moon, the Lunar perigee (closest approach in many years), all previous such approaches having been years of major natural disasters.

Also, Japan is a 33rd parallel country. Not surprising at all. Everyone who lives with a reverberation zone of the 33rd parallel should be ready for all kinds of action. Make no mistake. Preparedness, drills, safe spaces, moving, whatever. We will take what comes, with equanimity one hopes, but being calm in knowing that you were ready can help, a lot. You could end up helping others too.

Looking forward, this, according to Terrance McKenna’s time-wave zero, is the week that leads us into terminal decline as a species. Not a bad thing, seeing what the species has become, in my view, so clearly this is part of the plan.

Take a look at this… quite stunning…

Now take a look at this.

For the source of these images and a fascinating overview of Timewave Zero, please go HERE

Here are tipping points, and if doubters say no, I say to them, even the blind can

connect dots.

So march 22nd, days after a major lunar perigee, Equinox….. it’s loaded with energy. Something is going to shift, give, crack.

We are at an era-defining cross-roads. A terminal decline. Can you wrap your head around that. All that we know, rules, culture, places…. everything going back into the mix of maximum potential…. maximum novelty as Terrence McKenna called it.

Then look around you, at the pace and scale of events in every sphere of our lives… nothing to be afraid of, just acknowledging that everything is flying apart, at the seams. The womb of the familiar is rupturing, waters breaking (see water events, even today in Japan), birthing pangs….

The earth is trembling, the sun is belching, all major planets are exhibiting major anomalies… something is definitely up.

In these fractal lives we lead, there is a major fork on the road ahead. A time to choose time, if you get my drift.

Are you ready? Do you want to be ready?

Do you have a practice? A community? Even if it is a community of 1? Are all of your selves aligned?

Living in full awareness is the only real living, the rest is a sleep-walk, eyes wide shut.

As Socrates famously said and I heard Cornell West THUNDER,

“The unexamined life is not worth living!”…

Think, feel, be, but for the sake of your own “self”, please don’t just exist.

Think of the Japanese, the Libyans…

Be well.

And aware.


As the situation in Japan stumbles from bad to worse, my attention was drawn to another cross.

A cross in the USA, eerily similar to the one in the middle east (see  Here).

This one is a cross loaded with Nuclear signatures…

Take a look and then I’ll explain below what I see. Please excuse the crude graphics. Not been able to get my hands on any decent on-line drawing software or maps (I’m on dial-up speeds, if anyone can do a better job and share it with me on e-mail, I’ll gladly switch).

Please also note, the black line running from Wisconsin to GOM (marker 1, 2 and 3) and 33rd cross are my annotations. The original map had what looks like radio hand-off demarcations.

a) Point 1 on the map is the approximate location of the Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico disaster (still on-going by the way, but now completely overshadowed by the many earth-shaking events since and totally suppressed).

The major elements involved are Water and fire. Incidentally, it is a well known fact that most crude oil is radioactive to some degree (or has a mix of radioactive elements to some degree). This was majorly in the news at one point and then was “disappeare). In fact, the web has been cleansed of such reports. If anyone has a link, please share in comments. Also remember how much the “Nuke It” option was discussed at the time, turning the GOM floor into glass or some other such absurd hypothesis to stem the flow.

b) Point 2 is Madison Wisconsin, the site of the largest protest in the US in recent memory. We’ll let the reasons behind it rest for the moment, but note that it was a seminal test and one that fully succeeded in dividing the US along public/private and govt./people fault lines. Incidentally, the fact that this was essentially an argument, a battle of positions in the mind, points to the excitation of the Air element, as Air rules the mind. This is true in Ancient Indian systems like Ayurveda and classic western esoterica which led to the Tarot etc. Air rules the mind.

Please note that the Wisconsin legislature used the Nuclear Option to pass the measures limiting public union’s collective bargaining rights etc.

c) Point 3 is smack in the middle of the New Madrid Fault line. Incidentally very close or nearly on the 33rd parallel as well. We all remember Beebe Arkansas as the first mysterious Black Bird Death place, an event that presaged a whole lot of mass animal deaths. Still unexplained. I’ll not speculate here, because not the point anymore. Also interesting to Note that Beebe lies in White County, AK.

Equally telling:

In Arkansas, two pressurized-water reactors at the Russellville Nuclear One plant supply 30 percent of the state’s power, U.S. Energy Information Administration data show. The plant is about 180 miles from the New Madrid fault line, one of the most active and dangerous fault lines in the United  States.

Actually, if you see the map of Nuclear power in America, it promptly brings huge red-flags. Cannot copy/paste, so check out this link:

That, as I see it, is where something is going to give next, possibly in the window coming up (19-23rd March). Created, natural? That would be speculative. All I see is that the ends of the Axis have been loaded.

Air, Fire and Water load the two ends. Unstable earth in the middle.

It is bound to give, sooner or later.

The presence of Nuclear power stations so close to the biggest fault in the Continental US, smacks of the same Hubris or calculated monstrosity that the unfolding Japanese Disaster shows.

If the New Madrid fault shakes, it will be catastrophic for the US. In more ways than one can compute. FEMA’s emergency plans for all kinds of survival gear does not give comfort.

If you are not tied to the area, i suggest moving. hundreds of miles away at the very least. if not, prepare. See what you can learn from the Japanese scenario. It takes just a little foresight and pre-planning to be calm in the face of crisis. it may not happen this week, but to my mind, it is in-evitable. Japan shows us that the tipping point is now well behind us.

What else this may trigger is unknowable. Again, in a disaster situation, calmness is your only friend and fore-knowledge can help you be that.

Again, if someone can help with a better annotated map, I’ll gladly substitute my ‘crude” one.

Overall though, I’ll stay with the theme of massive tipping point action all around.

If anyone has anything of import to share that I might have missed, please pass it on, I’ll more than gladly put it up here.

Take good care, be kind to yourself and think cycles. There is no sin, as such. There is no heaven and hell, as such. All of it is with-in. The battle is with-in. Even the Bhagvat Geet is a metaphorical tale of the battle with-in.

More as more comes.

From this dense, limiting paradigm, perhaps a move into the omnipresent, omnipotent Aether will be welcome relief, eh?

Wishing calm and kindness, grace, gentleness and generosity all around.

If any of you are reading anything more interesting than this, Please send me the link, I would like to take a look at it also! And of course in line with nuclear rumblings:

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5 Responses to The sky disintegrates and turns to dust, The great earth becomes peaceful, no one can see it

  1. Dublinsmick says:

    And tomorrow, I am quitting the internet, going out and dig some weeds in the lawn and tend the lettuce in the garden.


  2. GW says:

    The astrological aspect to Fukushima may be of import; but the disaster was not caused by an earthquake or tsunami; it was caused by MagnaBSP and Stuxnet. gives the only explanation which holds up to scrutiny. But i would still beware any such astrological significance, as that is a hallmark of qaballah.


  3. Dublinsmick says:

    I am not in a position to rule anything out, including Jim Stone or Stuxnet explanations. It is possible. It might be uncanny but Israel and Japan have operated over the decades like a hand within a glove. Japan is almost Israel’s silent big brother. Their foreign policy is almost Israel foreign policy and that includes troops on the ground in Iraq. When the Japanese garrison was on the ground in Iraq for instance, Iraqi troops confronted it outside the walls and stated, we have heard about the Samaria who fights to the death, come out and face us now.

    America also has submarine and military bases in Japan. Can someone explain to me why American foreign policy which is basically Israel foreign policy undercover, would want to damage Japan? The US submarines have bases in Japan, they utilize Japanese waters to manufacture fresh water for submarines. Their air filters have to utilize Japanese air space. Does any of that make sense outside stuxnet? It is a bit like shooting oneself in the foot it it not?

    People like Dutchinese and Kaminski prattle on about HAARP and America attacking their own allies but it seems a bit like smoke and mirrors to me. Sometimes an earthquake is just an earthquake and Japan is sits on 3 tectonic plates. Perhaps it is just karma and earth changes.


    • GW says:

      My take on the Jim Stone angle is that the creators of the gun-trigger small nuke bombs drastically under calculated their power. The explosions should not have breached the reactor vessels and should have resulted in damage that would have been contained in the concrete shells, creating more of a nuisance than a global catastrophe. I could be wrong on this, but other scenarios are implausible, as you note. MagnaBSP is a security firm which has had access to nuke plants all over the US, Brasil, Germany to name a few. They also handled security at the airports involved in 9/11. The US does Israel’s bidding because it’s plants are boobytrapped just like Fukushima and the Zionists can blow any or al of them at any time. Same with Germany, probably France, UK, etc. That is how the Zionists control the world, why these types of plants were forced on us all. But as foretold, they overstepped and miscalculated, messed up royally. The Zionists did Japan for offering to enrich uranium for Iran. Read Stone’s article- also the one about nuclear blackmail- It’s all there, and irrefutable. It also shows how a 9.1 earthquake would have basically levelled all buildings for 1,000 km minimum, and you can see houses 100 yards from the plant apparently in near perfect condition before the tsunami hits. Read and share- BTW I really like your site- good stuff!


  4. Dublinsmick says:

    I actually have read Stone’s article and he is linked here. At least on here comes the sun. What you say is certainly plausible. I simply have no way of knowing. Sometimes if you don’t know, you simply have to say, you don’t know! I like you just have to try and piece together what makes sense.

    I believe it is Magna, correct me if I am wrong, that now is in control of all U.S. nuclear missiles. How is that for being a corporate entity? If not magna I know it is an Israeli firm.

    These nuclear plants are all over the world, temporary control over them is temporary for they are the exact process that will make the world a non viable entity in the coming earth changes. For the psychopathic ego, I guess that is food for the short run anyway 🙂

    I am sure you noticed that Paducah Kentucky was hit by the tornado, It processes mox and DU. Of course they said everything is alright, go about your business. Thank goodness Americans are exceptional even when it comes to natural disaster.

    And yes I am familiar with the fact that Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran. It did cause me to wonder but still some of this is really hard to add up.


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