Dutch Judge Joris Demmink Reportedly Filmed Raping Boys In Turkey, Van der Sloot Impregnates Woman In Peru Prison!


What is it with Dutch judges these days? Joris van der Sloot you may recall was accused of killing college student Natalie Holloway in Aruba a few years back. She has never been found. Sloot was ordered released by another Aruba judge and then he traveled to Peru and is now doing 26 years for murdering a Peruvian woman. He confessed that he sold Natalie Holloway for $10, 000 and then recanted. The murdered Peruvian woman was found in Lima with multiple stab wounds. The story doesn’t end there though, as apparently Joris has impregnated a girl named Leidi in an unsupervised jail visit! Can nobody stop Joris? They are allowing him to breed!

“Everyone remembers Joran van der Sloot right? He is the massive douchebag who killed Natalee Holloway and Flores Ramírez.  So you’re probably thinking “this dude has got to be rotting away in some isolated jail cell” right?  Wrong.  He was somehow able to get a chick named “Leidi” pregnant in an unsupervised visit.

How does something like this happen? If we aren’t going to execute a rapist and double murderer, we better damn well do our best to make sure he doesn’t breed.

The best part is that this young lady will probably qualify for some sort of government assistance.  That’s right, somewhere taxpayers will be funding this dude’s offspring.

My real question is this:  Van der Douche admitted to raping/killing Flores Ramírez and yet he is still able to get girls to come see him in jail and let him fire loads into them.  Come on ladies, you’re better than that.”
Read more at http://regretfulmorning.com/2012/10/joran-van-der-sloot-gets-chick-pregnant-in-prison/

You have to wonder if the van der Sloots and the Demminks know each other!

Hüseyin Baybaşin on Dutch radio: Joris Demmink and his party have been photographed and recorded while raping children in Marmaris, Turkey

More information about Hüseyin Baybaşin – a man who allegedly has been incarcerated per instruction of Joris Demminkand as a result of pressure by the Turkish government, which allegedly used sensitive information about Joris Demmink to get their way – can be found here and here. Baybaşin alleges that:

  • Wladimiroff – now Joris Demmink‘s lawyer – was Baybaşin’s lawyer in 1999 and allegedly shared Baybaşin’s case file with another lawyer without asking permission;
  • Wladimiroff at the time allegedly tried to convince Baybaşin to play nice when appearing in Dutch court and not point the judge to evidence related issues or make any other complaints that could make the judge angry;
  • Wladimiroff allegedly had difficulty accepting that Baybaşin wanted to drop him as a defence lawyer;
  • In a different capacity, Wladimiroff would have signed against the reopening of Baybaşin’s case;
  • Some have created an ‘ugly image’ for Baybaşin, then “they constructed crimes and evidence for it”, “all the criminal pedophiles act together to serve fascist elements in Turkey in return for covering up their crimes”, “while continuing to rape and murder innocent little kids”, “with help of those same criminals in Turkey”. “Meanwhile they’re spending State money”;
  • It is now clear to everyone how they (the high level pedophiles and criminals) are working;
  • Joris Demmink and Mischa Wladimiroff were allegedly a member of the same club in The Hague (which Baybaşin did not know when Wladimiroff was Baybaşin’s lawyer):Mischa Wladimiroff, geboren 10-01-1945 = Lid van de litteraire Sociëteit “De Witte” te Den Haag [lijst 1999]
    Joris Demmink, geboren 11-12-1947 = Lid van de litteraire Sociëteit “De Witte” te Den Haag [lijst 1999] [lijst 2003]
    Source: http://www.klokkenluideronline.is/artikel/17605/van-moszkowicz-wladimiroff-en-de-club
  • Complaints were allegedly made against the board of a School for Tourism regarding the facilitation of Demmink and his party when in Turkey. It would relate to the abuse of students of that school;
  • There is photographic material available of people on big pleasure yachts in Marmaris, Turkey. There were complaints that Demmink’s party was allegedly living in guest houses of private schools. There were some complaints that they were abusing kids. Their yacht was searched. And some people who were teachers, their houses were searched. There were thousands of child pornography CDs discovered and confiscated. All that material was given to the court in Turkey. One of the teachers was arrested. Demmink and other high profile criminals were being protected. The teacher was released and he fled to Germany where he has allegedly received protection. The family of the victim(s) made complaints to Turkish parliament (Human Rights commission).
  • Demmink and his party were allegedly together on a yacht in Marmaris. They were also in the guest house of that private school. They were producing child pornography. The material received a diplomatic status. The Dutch government should be able to obtain that material from Turkey;
  • Demmink and his party would allegedly have been exchanging child pornography. They would brag about new trophies and watch the material together;
  • High level people from Turkey and Holland covered this all up and stopped the court procedure;
  • Demmink and his party would allegedly have been photographed and/or recorded on video while raping children in Marmaris, Turkey. The material would be in the hands of Turkish authorities;
  • Dutch Ministry of Justice and Dutch Intelligence Agencies have much more information available;
  • Demmink may be blackmailing others to protect his own sick-minded activities.

English language radio broadcast:


Joris Demmink Plot Thickens: His New Criminal Defence Lawyer Is Allegedly The One Preventing Fact Finding Mission In Turkey



Older post on Subject

Joris Demmink Plot Thickens: His New Criminal Defence Lawyer Is Allegedly The One Preventing Fact Finding Mission In Turkey

  • e43ef-child-prostitute-sandusky-had-tri-state-pedophile-ring
  • Former Secretary General of The Dutch Ministry of Justice, Mr. Joris Demmink has hired the services of criminal lawyer Mischa Wladimiroff, to address any accusations of child sexual abuse or related issues in Dutch criminal court;
  • Mischa Wladimiroff was a member of a special committee (TCEAS) which had the power to reopen old criminal cases;
  • The committee voted against the reopening of the Hüseyin Baybaşin case, a man who allegedly has been incarcerated per instruction of Joris Demmink and as a result of pressure of the Turkish government, which allegedly used sensitive information about Joris Demmink to get their way; 
  • Mischa Wladimiroff allegedly prevented Dutch former law enforcement officer Klaas Langendoen from traveling to Turkey in order to find out the truth about both Baybaşin and Demmink.
  • Another member of the special committee, Mr Ybo Buruma, was allegedly also responsible for blocking the attempts of Klaas Langendoen to find out the truth. A few months after that ordeal, Buruma would be granted membership of the Dutch Supreme Court.

It seems like Joris Demmink has spent the last couple of years building up all the necessary defensive systems that will be required in the near future, moving “the best of the best” to key strategic positions, all ready to play their part, if so required…either because promotions are awaiting them, or they may be able to thwart the disclosure of sensitive information by supporting Demmink.

Note: It is said that in the past, Wladimiroff has also defended the likes of Duško Tadić and Slobodan Milošević.

Dutch language news articles:






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